Strange! Healthy people are also constipated

The reporter learned from a number of hospitals that in recent years, the number of constipation patients visiting the hospital has been increasing, with women and the elderly accounting for the majority. Students in school also account for a high proportion, and the number of them is also obviously on the rise.

healthy people also have constipation

According to experts, eating and defecating are both habits. It is often said that people will be hungry after eating, but even if they eat more at the next meal, it will affect people’s health, and defecation is the same.

In order to live, people have to do a lot of work every day. Sometimes when they feel that they have the desire to defecate, they can’t or have the conditions to defecate, so they resist it.

After more times, I gradually feel that my stool is dry and difficult to defecate. Even if I go to the toilet, I can’t defecate, which forms constipation. Young people’s irregular diet, surfing the Internet, not exercising, going to bed late and getting up early may all lead to constipation.

long term use of drugs is harmful to defecation.

The expert who has been engaged in digestive treatment for many years told the reporter that there is no need to be too nervous when suffering from constipation. She said that if you get constipation, it will not cause complications, but only abdominal distension. Long term constipation may lead to hemorrhoids. It is easy to cause hemorrhoids because of long-term inability to defecate normally or long-term non defecation, which makes stool hard and dry.

Many people think that even if they get constipation, as long as they take some excretory drugs or enemas to remove the feces accumulated in their bodies, it will not be a big problem. If you use drugs for defecation for a long time, it is easy to make the body dependent on drugs, resulting in decreased intestinal and anal functions, congestion and expansion of rectal blood vessels, gastrointestinal dysfunction and melena, which is harmful to human health. Long term enema will make rectal mucosa feel dull, defecate reflex dull, aggravate constipation, and on the contrary, it is conducive to the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

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