Strange! It turns out that road maniacs can also be inherited

Some people often complain that they have poor memory, can’t recognize the way, and can’t remember the faces of strangers. A new study by American scientists has found that people’s ability to recognize their appearance and location is affected by genetic factors. The research results were published in the latest issue of the American Journal of neuroscience.

Dr. thard Polk of the University of Michigan and his colleagues studied more than 500 pairs of identical and fraternal twins. The researchers asked the twins to watch the figures, places, houses, objects and some invented words flashed on the computer screen, which can be read but have no meaning.

At the same time, the researchers performed brain functional MRI scans on the subjects. The scan results show that the identical twins have higher similarity in brain activity patterns than the fraternal twins when recalling faces and places, but there is no such difference in object and word recognition.

The researchers pointed out that the test results showed that people’s memory ability of appearance and location may be affected by genetic factors; At the same time, people are better at remembering looks and places than various objects and coined words.

Thad Polk said that people’s ability to recognize faces and places meets the needs of human survival and development, and was gradually selected into genetic genes in the process of human evolution.

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