Don’t let the aging cervical vertebrae patronize you in advance

Bad habits lead to premature aging of cervical vertebrae

The reason why cervical spondylosis patronizes us in advance is that our cervical vertebrae will always encounter some damage consciously or unconsciously every day, some of which can be avoided, while others have to be faced. What we can do is to understand their causes in advance and prevent them at the first time.

No1: strain entanglement

[traditional Chinese medicine decoding] there is no doubt that long-term chronic strain is the main cause of premature aging of young people’s cervical vertebrae. There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine that “five labors are injured”, which means that if we maintain a certain state of activity for a long time, it will destroy the balance of the body and ultimately damage our health.

If you keep the single posture of working with your head down for a long time and neglect to give the cervical vertebrae rest, the cervical muscles will be excessively tired, resulting in the body’s gravity all pressing on the cervical vertebrae. If you do this for a long time, you may induce cervical spondylosis.

NO2: cold and wet sneak attack

[traditional Chinese medicine decoding] women’s physique is naturally cold, and they are prone to cold limbs and are particularly sensitive to the cold weather. Living in a cold environment, loving cold food, wearing too little and working too hard are easy to damage the Yang of the body, which makes it easy for the weak cold of muscles and bones, wind cold and dampness to enter.

The wind, cold and humidity factors of the external environment can cause muscle spasm and small blood vessel contraction in the neck, leading to soft tissue blood circulation disorder, and over time, cervical spondylosis will be caused.

No3: bad posture

[traditional Chinese medicine decoding] the human spine has a unique physiological curve. If we violate the law and keep it in a posture for a long time, it will eventually lead to imbalance of the body, poor blood circulation and muscle and bone damage. For example, lying down and watching TV for a long time and taking a nap in the car are all actions that can damage the cervical spine.

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