How to correctly use facial mask powder to moisturize and whiten? How to correctly use facial mask powder to moisturize and whiten

Facial mask all mm know, but the price of some brands of facial mask is often very painful. What products are both economical and effective?

Therefore, in recent years, facial mask powder has quietly become popular. Facial mask powder can improve different skin problems, such as moisturizing and hydrating, whitening, freckling and wrinkle removing and anti-inflammatory. If you want to succeed in skin care, you need not only the right medicine, but also long-term persistence.

Today, Xiaobian will introduce facial mask powder to you. It not only has mild ingredients, but also has a very high cost performance ratio compared with the previous Essence Facial Mask in price. As long as you grasp the essentials, you can also have perfect skin penetration.

When the skin changes seasons, it is easy to have many problems. Effective care is needed at this time. Therefore, it is also the best time to nourish, whiten, hydrate and moisturize. Ginseng, pearl, Angelica dahurica, Paeonia alba, Atractylodes macrocephala, almond, Angelica sinensis, job’s tears, talcum powder, zinc oxide and kaolin can be added to the facial mask powder. It can play the role of tea beauty in nourishing, whitening, moisturizing and sunscreen. And improve the matte effect of dry black and yellow skin. The most important thing is that it can effectively moisturize and moisturize your face, so that your face is tender.

In the production process, first of all, the medicinal materials to be used should be polished with instruments, then turned into powder, and the important ingredients should be selected to achieve the purpose of beauty. First, take an appropriate amount of facial mask powder and liquid, add purified water, make-up water or yogurt honey, depending on everyone’s preferences, and then introduce it into the tool and mix it into a paste with a bowl, as shown in the figure. Apply it to the face as soon as possible, avoiding the position around the eyes and lips. It is recommended to wash it within 15 minutes.

Then Xiaobian will talk about the best time period for use. It is recommended to use it 3 to 4 times a week. If you apply essence or lotion or yogurt on your face first, and then apply facial mask, the effect will be better.

Then it should be specially reminded that mm with sensitive skin should be tested in advance to see if it meets the requirements of their own skin. Apply it to the local skin of the face and observe for 10 minutes to ensure that it can be gradually applied to the face in the future.

Finally, in terms of maintenance, Xiaobian hopes that you can persist in using it for a long time, and try various types of facial mask, so as to achieve repair in all aspects, which is essential for cleaning, removing excessive oil and nutrition. Forming good habits can also add points to the efficacy of your facial mask.

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