Teach you to make your own egg white whitening facial mask to moisturize, remove wrinkles and relieve skin? Teach you to make your own egg white whitening facial mask to moisturize and remove wrinkles

Do you know the egg white facial mask? Many women should have made such a facial mask at ordinary times. Now women like to make all kinds of facial mask at ordinary times. Many facial mask are made by themselves, especially the egg white facial mask, which is very common. The protein content in egg white is very high, which can eliminate inflammation and protect our skin.

Honey egg white facial mask

Raw materials: 20g honey (better effect with locust honey) and 1 egg.


1. Take chopsticks and knock a hole in the egg. The hole should not be too big, or the yolk will come out.

2. Pour the egg white into the facial mask bowl.

3. Then add 2 tablespoons of honey and mix it with the egg white.

4. Put the facial mask into a bowl and soak it. It can be applied directly to the face. After applying, dip in the beauty lotion and brush it on the facial mask.

5. It can be cleaned after 30 minutes.

Efficacy: moisturize and remove wrinkles, beautify, nourish and whiten skin.

Aloe Vera egg white facial mask

Raw materials: fresh aloe leaf and egg white.

How to do it: wash the fresh aloe leaves and press them into juice. Put them into a container according to the proportion of 1 spoonful of aloe juice and 1 egg white, and mix them well.

Usage: after washing your face every night, apply it on your face. Massage while applying it. After 20 minutes, wash it with clean water.

Efficacy: fade wrinkles, smooth and delicate skin.

Pearl egg white facial mask

Ingredients: 1 egg and 10g pearl powder.

How to do it: take the egg white of a raw egg, and mix 10g pearl powder and egg white evenly. Apply the facial mask evenly on the face, avoiding the eyes and lips; Try to apply it thicker, wash it off after 15-20 minutes, and do it twice a week.

Efficacy: astringent, anti-inflammatory and anti wrinkle.

Precautions for homemade egg white facial mask:

1. For dry skin and thin skin, it is not recommended to use egg white completely, because egg white is easy to make the skin tight. People with this type of skin will feel uncomfortable after use, and long-term use may cause skin relaxation. Therefore, when people with this kind of skin use egg white as a facial mask, it is best to add water.

2. When making the egg white facial mask, it is recommended to use tools to prepare the facial mask. It is better not to touch the egg white with your hands, so as to avoid uneven phenomenon during preparation or application.

3. After finishing the facial mask, the remaining eggs should be eaten as soon as possible or used by other methods. Do not save them until the next day, and then use them for facial mask or other uses.

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