How to quickly whiten and lighten spots

Most women think that if they want to make their skin white, they must constantly rely on some high-end skin care products. Is this really the case? Neither is it. It is not impossible to whiten your skin by skin care products alone, but this method has a slow effect, and a little improper care will lead to various skin diseases, which ultimately outweigh the losses. To completely whiten and lighten spots, you need to adopt the method of internal adjustment and external protection, and if you persist, your skin will glow.

How should whitening spots be internally adjusted?

1. Drink more tea with whitening effect

Everyone needs to drink water every day. In order to increase the taste, some people will put some dried fruits or flowers with beautifying effect in the water, so that they can beautify the skin while drinking water. The common whitening tea drinks are as follows:

(1) Put the water into the water and boil it for about 20 minutes, and then drink it. It has the effect of Nourishing Qi, nourishing eyes and whitening skin.

(2) Mixing lemon passion fruit and honey together to make tins, and then drinking with water also has a good whitening effect.

(3) Add an appropriate amount of warm water to black wolfberry, red jujube and rose. Drinking a cup in the morning can not only promote metabolism in the body, but also whiten and lighten spots and delay aging.

2. Timely supplement vitamins in the body

Vitamin is a necessary trace element for our human body. Among them, vitamin C has good whitening and antioxidant effects. In addition, it can also maintain human health and improve our own immunity. It can be seen that vitamin C is very important to the body. In daily life, it can be supplemented by eating some large fruits rich in vitamin C, such as common lemon, passion fruit, small tomato, etc. In addition, you can also take vitamin C buccal tablets to ensure sufficient vitamin C in your body every day, which is good for beautifying your skin and reducing color spots.

How to protect whitening spots?

1. Apply whitening essence

If you want to have fair skin, it is no longer effective to apply nourishing skin care products on a daily basis. At this time, we need to apply whitening essence specifically. When choosing whitening essence, don’t apply it blindly. You must choose a suitable whitening essence according to your own skin condition.

2. Clean your face

Skin cleaning is the most important and critical step in skin care steps, because as long as the skin is effectively cleaned and the intertexture and impurities on the skin surface are removed in time, the absorption of nutrients in skin care products will not be hindered, and the nutrition inside the skin will be more sufficient.

3. Best sunscreen

If you want your skin to be white and transparent, you must do a good job in sunscreen, especially in hot summer, when ultraviolet radiation is serious, you should apply sunscreen when you go out. If necessary, you can also prepare a sunshade to prevent ultraviolet radiation from harming our skin.

We must jump out of those narrow misconceptions in our daily skin care. If we don’t know much about whitening and skin care, we can also consult skin care experts. Only when we do effective skin care can we spend less money and achieve whitening effect quickly.

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