Teach you to observe the pathological state of the body through your fingers

TCM doctors pay attention to seeing, hearing and asking, and fingers are also important signs of observing physical conditions.

How to distinguish diseases by fingers?

The human body is an organic whole. Diseases in any part of the body will affect the whole body. Local diseases can cause general discomfort. Some diseases are not only plagued by diseases, but also invade the hands of prisoners, causing some changes in the color, shape, dynamics or function of hands.

Numbness of fingers is a common symptom. Slight numbness is often overlooked. If you are often numb, get old again, or suffer from hypertension at ordinary times, you should think that it may be a precursor of “stroke”. Apoplectic numbness is characterized by numbness starting from the ring finger, then developing to the middle finger, and finally involving the whole hand. Some people may start with numbness in the index finger and gradually radiate upward. In severe cases, numbness may extend to the forearm.

Sometimes the knuckles at the end of the fingers tend to become fat, like a drumstick, and the nails also protrude upward, like parrot’s beak, which is called “tussah like fingers” in medicine. This may be emphysema, congenital heart disease or bronchiectasis.

When the forearm is injured, if the median nerve or ulnar nerve is injured, the hand is not injured, but the hand can often not be stretched straight and is half bent. When encountering this situation, they should go to the hospital for surgical correction to prevent future problems.

If you wake up in the morning, your hands swell, flex and stretch unfavourably, and soon after you get up, they will gradually improve or disappear. This phenomenon suggests that you may have problems with your heart, kidney and liver or have malnutrition and edema. When you encounter this situation, you should go to the hospital to find out the cause and treat it. Otherwise, over time, you will become gaunt, and your skin and hair will become dull, which will affect your whole appearance.

For alcoholics, if hand tremor is found, they should consider whether they have chronic alcoholism, and should control drinking or abstain from drinking. People who do not drink alcohol should consider whether it is hyperthyroidism.

In addition, if the elderly have involuntary tremors of both hands and shake their heads, most of them are unable to restrain the muscles and veins, which is the “wind phenomenon” in traditional Chinese medicine. In this case, the elderly who have been taking drugs for a long time should consider whether they have overdosed.

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