What changes will the elderly bring if they stick to Tai Chi

1. Improve flexibility in the process of continuous practice of Taijiquan, our muscles can be effectively exercised. In the long run, exercise can effectively enhance our muscle endurance. In general, Taijiquan usually walks in circles and arcs at a slow speed, accompanied by leg bending and semi squatting movements, and then alternates the center of gravity. This way can exercise our whole body very well. The running movements of Taijiquan are mainly cuddling, twisting and twisting. In this way, the muscle strength and endurance of our muscles can be improved, and in the long run, it can improve the flexibility of the human body.

2. Improve the nervous system the role of the nervous system is to regulate the functional activities of various organs in the whole body, maintain the integrity and unity of the human body, and adapt to the changing needs of the external environment. Taijiquan promotes the functional perfection of brain nerve cells through the coordination of ideas, breathing and actions, and coordinates the excitation and inhibition processes of the human nervous system. It has a better prevention and treatment effect on mental trauma and neurological diseases, such as neurasthenia, insomnia and hypertension.

3. Enhance heart function heart disease is the world’s No. 1 killer. At present, western medicine has no specific treatment for this disease. Practicing Taijiquan can prevent heart disease. This is because, unlike other sports, Taijiquan stretches slowly and relaxes muscles all over the body, so that the heart can get sufficient blood supply, but it will not speed up the heart rhythm and increase the burden on the heart; Through slow, slender and even abdominal breathing, Taijiquan can make the human lungs have sufficient oxygen, the intestines and stomach get peristaltic exercise, and enhance the digestive and excretory functions. Therefore, regular exercise of Taijiquan can prevent and treat heart disease, lung disease, stomach disease, constipation, hemorrhoids, etc.

4. To improve people’s balance ability and prevent osteoporosis, one of the common accidents of the elderly is to lose balance and fall, resulting in femoral neck fracture. Why is there such a result? This is due to the reduction of bone calcium and osteoporosis in the elderly. In Taijiquan, some movements are specially for practicing balance ability, and the balance ability of the practitioner has been fully exercised. When practicing Taijiquan, one leg often supports the weight of the whole body. When the force on the leg increases, the calcium content of the bone also increases, and the bone becomes very strong. Therefore, people who often practice Taijiquan are not easy to fall and break bones.

5. The body method requirements of Taijiquan with bodybuilding function, such as top hanging, sinking shoulders and falling elbows, pulling out the back with chest, loosening the abdomen, opening the crotch, and narrowing the buttocks, together with the waist rotation during practice, make the whole body muscles of the practitioner fully exercise and maintain a good body shape.

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