What methods can quickly whiten? What methods can quickly whiten

In a hot summer, many girls choose to go out for the summer. However, once the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, it is easy to tan and sunburn. At this time, the rapid repair and whitening of skin become the key. So, do you know how to whiten quickly after sunburn in summer?

10 tips to whiten you quickly

1. Avoid hot water after sunburn

Avoid washing your face with hot water after sunburn, because your skin is fragile after sunburn. Washing your face with hot water will dilate and congest your skin’s capillaries, and cause erythema or sunburn. In order to avoid this situation, wash your face with cool water while waiting for the skin to be at normal temperature. It can calm the skin and eliminate red heat, and prevent the precipitation of melanin.

2. Keep your skin clean and dry every day

The skin should be cleaned every day. For any skin, cleaning can take away the oil stain, sebum and aged horniness on the skin, so that the skin can be truly clean. This will help open pores, make pores smoother, make cell division of the basal layer more active, absorb nutrients more easily, and make the skin look more refreshing and white.

3. Salt vinegar solution to wipe your face

After the skin is tanned by the sun, you can wipe your face with salt and vinegar solution, which can restore the whiteness and smoothness of your skin. However, this salt vinegar solution can not be wiped casually. It should be dissolved in an appropriate proportion. The specific ratio is as follows: white vinegar: water: salt = 3:9:1. After the solution is aligned in proportion, put a clean towel into the hydrochloric acid solution, take it out and wipe your face with the soaked towel in a moment, and wipe it in the morning and evening respectively, so that your skin can recover white quickly.

4. Apply ice milk to your face

Milk itself has whitening effect, and ice milk has better whitening effect. After the skin is exposed to the sun, it is easy to turn red and hot, so we apply chilled milk to our face, which can have the effect of soothing and moisturizing. Apply face twice a day, which can make skin full of moisture, white and bright. In addition, dressing your face with banana milk is also more reliable. Mash the banana and add milk, apply it to your face, tap it gently to accelerate absorption, and recover the sunburned skin as soon as possible.

5. Repair facial mask deep care

Before going to bed at night, wash your face thoroughly, apply a moisturizing facial mask for 5-10 minutes, and then gently pat your hands along your cheeks. This can effectively soothe the sunburned skin and replenish the lost water for your skin. It will greatly improve the dullness and pigmentation that have been formed. Finally, if you apply a moisturizing lotion, it will help your skin lock up water and repair better

6. Replenish water

Use at least 2000cc of water every day to protect your skin and your lips. Drinking at least one glass of water every day can help detoxify the kidney and liver. Replenishing water half an hour before meals is the best way to nourish your stomach. Remember that the correct way to drink water should be to drink more at a time, rather than slowly.

7. Exfoliate and accelerate metabolism

After drying, the skin should be exfoliated within 1-3 days. Exfoliation can promote the circulation of epidermal blood, accelerate skin metabolism, better absorb other nutrients, stimulate the skin to grow new cells, make the skin softer and smaller pores, help the skin quickly get out of the haze and restore the vitality of the skin.

8. Eat more fruits and vegetables

We should eat more vegetables and fruits, and eat more vitamin C, e β Carotene foods can beautify the skin and make you whiten quickly. Many people will mistakenly think that wanting to be white is related to the color of the food they eat. If drinking milk makes the skin white, then who dares to drink coffee, eat chocolate, or eat food containing soy sauce? Although milk is rich in vitamin A, it may not come as quickly as washing it.

In this way, we will provide you with a sweet soup for relieving summer heat and whitening, or . Anyway, it’s right to add Job’s tears. Job’s tears are especially helpful for skin beauty.

9. Normal work and rest

Usually, the skin is maintained at night from 10:00 to 11:00. Staying up late for a long time will cause circulatory disorders of endocrine and nervous systems, resulting in dry skin, poor elasticity, dullness and other problems. Try to go to bed before 11:00 p.m. if you can’t, you must go to bed before 12:00 p.m. because it’s not so easy to get back from whitening if you miss the beauty sleep time.

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