15 performances. Are you really smart?

Wisdom is the realm most people pursue. So, what are the performances of intelligent people? The famous American psychologist Abraham Maslow listed 15 characteristics of great men and wise men in various fields after studying them.

1. Excellent judgment intelligent people can fully and accurately understand the reality without mixing subjective wishes and prejudices. Judgment here includes two aspects: one is to see the essence through the phenomenon, not to stay on the surface to comment; Second, it can predict the future evolution of things based on the present, so it is bold and broad-minded.

2. Be good at accepting yourself wise people have the courage to admit their own weaknesses and strive to advance toward the people they can become. Because of this self acceptance, they do not spend time dwelling on their mistakes. They are not perfect, but they respect themselves and feel good about their current situation.

3. Have a simple and kind heart “adults do not lose their childlike heart”. Truly wise people will not compare their gains to their gains, but preserve the true nature of nature, and treat all things with their frankness and simplicity.

4. Be able to think about the world great and capable people must be concerned with the common people and the world. They value the world more than themselves. With such a sense of responsibility and mission, they are not trapped by trivial matters, but more resolute and brave.

5. Be good at being alone for people with great hearts, they can enjoy the joy of living alone and in groups. They like to have time alone to face themselves and enrich themselves.

6. Be able to go your own way wise people are less constrained by cultural norms and customs than ordinary people. They have a sense of security that they do not rely on others to meet, will express their thoughts and wishes in a way that suits them, and will not care too much about whether the society agrees. But this is not indifference and ignorance, but knowing more about what they “should” do, and planning their lives without being affected by society.

7. Know how to appreciate the world wise people are usually childlike. They can feel and appreciate the world with a curious heart and pure eyes. Only when you have no dust in your heart can you make a world of sand and a heaven of flowers.

8. I have experienced the integration of nature and man this is what Maslow calls “peak experience”. In this state, people will feel that time and space are transcended, anxiety and fear disappear, and replaced by a sense of unity between people and the universe, a sense of strength and surprise in a moment. They will feel that the problems that once troubled them seem less important, and the original fear is replaced by a sense of following nature and a strong appreciation of life.

9. Have high-quality friendship these people don’t have many friends, but their friendship is profound and beneficial. They may have a lot of gentleman’s friends who have never met before, but they like each other and share the same spirit.

10. Have a sense of democracy and equality people with great wisdom usually know how to respect people of different classes, races and backgrounds, and can treat various opinions and values with a calm and calm attitude.

11. Be able to distinguish means from ends Great achievers emphasize purpose. But they also often regard the experience and process of the activity as the purpose itself, so they can experience the fun of the activity itself more than ordinary people.

12. Have a sense of humor their sense of humor is rarely directed at specific people or groups, and they do not laugh at others. Instead, they look more at human society and self, and resolve all kinds of disappointments in reality with philosophical thinking and self mockery.

13. Be creative wise people do not express their creativity in the traditional way of writing poetry and painting. Their creativity is reflected in daily life, such as teachers thinking of new ways to communicate with students, businessmen thinking of smart ways to promote sales, etc.

14. Have an open mind the sea embraces all rivers, and tolerance is great. A gentleman has the mind and bearing to contain all things, which fully reflects a person’s connotation and cultivation.

15. I am committed and able to concentrate compared with ordinary people, they work harder and focus more. For them, work is not really hard work, because happiness lies in work.

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