Please check your excreta every day

The human body discharges a lot of excrement every day: eye excrement, ear wax, nose snot, mouth saliva, lungs exhaust gas, pores sweat and oil, bladder urine, anus stool, vagina excretes secretions and menstrual blood, etc. Getting up in the morning is an active time for excretion.

Excretion is the process of expelling unwanted wastes from the body. Only when the waste is discharged from the body and the body becomes clean can we maintain good health. Through excretion, the body can move normally.

For people with low excretion capacity, wastes will accumulate in the body, filling the body with garbage and causing various diseases. For example, the toxic gas produced by accumulated stool is one of the causes of colorectal cancer; Excess water will cause various problems such as cold, edema and so on.

Excrement is a sign of life. Avoiding to check smelly and dirty excrement is like belittling one’s own body. Each of us should pay attention to our body’s excrement every day to see whether we are constipated, whether the number of urinations is too little or too much, whether saliva is secreted too much, and whether we sweat, so that we can know our body’s condition in time.

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