The correct way to brush your teeth is like this

To brush teeth correctly, the vertical brushing method should be adopted. When brushing the maxillary and buccal teeth, the bristles should be placed on the periodontal mucosa at 45 ° to the teeth, and the toothbrush head should be rotated along the gum to the crown, brushing from top to bottom; Repeat 8-10 times for each part; When brushing the buccolingual side of the mandibular posterior teeth, brush it from bottom to top in the same way, and repeat for 8-10 times for each part; When brushing the maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth, the labial brushing method is the same as the above method; When brushing the tongue side, the brush head can be erected, the upper teeth brush from top to bottom, and the lower teeth brush from bottom to top; When brushing the upper and lower occlusal surfaces, place the bristles on the occlusal surfaces of the teeth and move them back and forth in the horizontal direction with a little force.

Many people use the “saw like” horizontal brushing method, which is extremely unsanitary. It not only fails to clean the tooth gap, but also easily damages the gingival tissue, causing gingival atrophy, wedge-shaped defects of hard tissue in the tooth neck and other adverse results.

It should also be pointed out that toothbrushes suitable for the size of the mouth should be selected according to different ages. It is recommended to select toothbrushes with small brush heads, smooth and soft bristles and appropriate density. The toothbrush should be thoroughly washed and dried after use. The brush head should be placed in a dry and ventilated place. One toothbrush should be replaced every three months at most; If your gums bleed, go and see a doctor. Don’t be careless; People wearing dentures should focus on brushing the real teeth adjacent to the dentures, and pay special attention to cleaning the dentures in time after meals.

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