The location of the acne tells you that you are in trouble

Do you have annoying pimples on your face? You’ve exhausted all your methods, but you still can’t get there. That may be a little trouble in your body.

forehead pox vs liver

If you always have large pimples on your forehead, it means that your liver has accumulated too much toxin. Irregular life, day and night reversal, and long stays up will make the liver unable to work in normal time (10:00-12:00 at night), and toxins will accumulate.

Long term advice: let the liver work on time (high pressure and bad temper will cause anger and blood circulation problems. Go to bed and get up early and drink more water.) Go to bed at 10 p.m. on time to put your body into sleep. Even if you can’t sleep, even in a relaxed state, it is also conducive to liver detoxification.

It means that he is too angry and has a bad temper. Traditional Chinese medicine research has found that people who think too much and work hard for a long time often grow pimples on their forehead. Generally, such people are more stressed and have a bad temper. It is easy to focus on a little thing and haggle over every detail. There is no lack of detail in work, but they are prone to trivialities in life, resulting in exuberance and inflammation of heart.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the heart is the official of the monarch among the five internal organs, and it is responsible for the human body’s mental and blood functions. If you think too much, you will inevitably consume your heart and Qi. It is easy to fall asleep, dream too much in sleep, wake up too early in the morning and other sleep problems. It is also easy to block the movement of Qi and blood, and produce symptoms such as palpitation, chest tightness and shortness of breath. In such cases, the first thing to reduce fire is to cultivate the heart.

The heart is the master of the body and cooperates with the functional activities of all other viscera. It promotes blood delivery to the whole body and governs the spirit, consciousness and thinking activities of the whole body. “Three comforts” should be paid attention to in heart training: timely, preferably in the morning or evening when the weather is cool; Moderate, advocate easy exercise, control the time to about 20-30 minutes, and reduce the intensity appropriately; Where appropriate, try to go outdoors for sports and choose cool and ventilated places such as parks, lakesides and courtyards. We should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, have a proper rest, develop the habit of going to bed and getting up early, and get enough sleep. In particular, we should try our best to change our thinking habits and find a way to relax and relieve pressure.

alar nose pox vs stomach

When there are pimples on the nasal wing, in addition to the reason for the exuberant secretion of oil here, it is also a manifestation of excessive stomach fire and indigestion. If there is still slight peeling on the nose, it indicates that the blood circulation is not very good. In addition, people who are often constipated and have bloated stomachs are also prone to rhinopox.

Long term advice: eat less irritating food (related to ovarian function or reproductive system. Don’t indulge or abstain excessively, and go outdoors to breathe fresh air.) Reduce meat intake, and refuse hot pot, cold food and spicy food. Food and water should be warm so as not to stimulate excessive secretion of gastric juice and lead to gastric acid, which will also aggravate stomach fire.

Generally, sebum is secreted more. It may also be related to ovarian function or reproductive system. Be sure to remove pore dirt in time. In addition, do not overindulge or abstain. Enjoy a healthy and natural environment.

perilabial pox vs intestine

Constipation or intestinal heat, eating too much spicy and fried food are the reasons for acne around the lips. Of course, if you use toothpaste containing too much fluoride, it will also stimulate acne.

Long term advice: soothe the intestines and help detoxify (constipation leads to accumulation of toxins in the body, or excessive fluoride toothpaste is used. Eat more vegetables and fruits with high fiber, and adjust your eating habits. If it grows in the middle of a person, it may be a problem of the urinary and reproductive systems, women may have leucorrhea, and men often have frequent urination. You must seek medical treatment.) Taking a laxative once can help alleviate symptoms, and it can be combined with abdominal massage to help discharge sleeping stool. If you eat food rich in fiber for a few days to dredge your intestines, the problem will be solved.

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