Constipation will kill you quietly if you don’t pay attention to it

Although constipation is not a serious disease, its harm can not be ignored. First, female constipation affects beauty. Constipation will increase toxins in women’s bodies, leading to metabolic disorders, endocrine disorders and imbalance of trace elements, resulting in skin pigmentation, pruritus, dull complexion, dry hair, chloasma, acne and so on.

If it is simply that the interval between defecation is prolonged and the stool is discharged smoothly, it does not belong to constipation. If, in addition to the long interval between defecation, there is dry stool or difficulty in defecation, or there is a feeling of incomplete defecation and falling, then you really have constipation.

Affect beauty

Constipation can also cause mild toxemia symptoms, such as anorexia, mental malaise, dizziness and weakness, which will lead to anemia and malnutrition over a long period of time. Frequent defecation will also promote the formation of hemorrhoids. For women, constipation can make breast tissue cells develop abnormally and increase the possibility of inducing breast cancer. The probability of breast cancer for women who defecate every day is 5%, and the probability of breast cancer for women who defecate less than twice a week is 25%.

Leading to reproductive system diseases

In addition, a recent research result abroad shows that constipation in women of childbearing age will lose the opportunity to have children, because there is a special compound in feces that will hinder ovulation and lead to infertility. Constipation of pregnant women may also cause fetal malformation or even abortion. There were more female patients than male patients. Women are more likely to suffer from constipation than men because of less activity, fine diet, and their own physiological characteristics.

Data show that about 1 / 4 of adults have had constipation within three months, and the incidence of constipation in women is twice that of men. Moreover, the incidence rate of female constipation is on the rise. According to Zhang Yuhai, a surgeon at the first hospital of Peking University, there are three reasons why women suffer from constipation more than men: differences in physiology and Anatomy – women’s uterus compresses the rectum in the pelvic cavity, which increases the curvature of the rectum, and the passage of stool is slower than men’s, so it is easy to produce constipation.

In addition, constipation may also bring the following harm to women:

1. Cause anorectal diseases.

When constipation occurs, defecation is difficult and feces are dry, which can directly cause or strengthen anorectal diseases. Such as proctitis, anal fissure, hemorrhoids, etc.

2. Gastrointestinal nerve dysfunction.

During constipation, fecal retention and absorption of harmful substances can cause gastrointestinal nerve dysfunction, resulting in loss of appetite, abdominal distension, belching, bitter mouth, and excessive anal exhaust.

3. Forming fecal ulcers.

The harder fecal mass compresses the intestinal cavity, narrows the intestinal cavity and the surrounding structures of the pelvic cavity, hinders the expansion of the colon, presses the rectum or colon, and forms fecal ulcers, which can cause intestinal perforation in serious cases. Expert QQ online consultation:

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