It’s a common medicine, often used to aggravate constipation

Constipation can be divided into slow transit type and outlet obstruction type. Slow transit type is due to the weakening of intestinal contraction movement, which is characterized by less defecation times and hard feces. It is more common in patients with diabetes and other diseases. The outlet obstruction type is caused by the uncoordinated muscles of the abdomen, anorectum and the bottom of the pelvis, which leads to the obstruction of fecal discharge. It is characterized by laborious defecation, incomplete feeling and soft feces. It is common in the elderly. This patient is a slow transit constipation, and should be treated with drugs that strengthen gastrointestinal motility. His long-term use of kaiselou will not only aggravate constipation, but also increase the risk of myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage and other diseases.

The main ingredients of kaiselou are glycerin and sorbitol, which are mostly used temporarily. Pregnant women and children should use it with caution. The main principle of this medicine in treating constipation is to use hypertonic and lubricating effects and stimulate relevant nerves. If used frequently, rectal sensitivity will decrease until there is no response with the increase of stimulation times, which may aggravate constipation.

It is recommended that you develop good eating and living habits at ordinary times and eat more high fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits and coarse grains; Develop regular bowel habits; Massaging the abdomen during defecation is conducive to defecation, and it is best to ensure that you defecate once every 1-2 days. Patients with dry stools should follow the doctor’s advice to use permeable laxatives (compound polyethylene glycol, lactulose, etc.), patients with gastrointestinal motility disorders should use gastrointestinal motility drugs (mosapride, etopride, etc.), and take microecological agents if there is intestinal flora disorder. After medication, if the symptoms are not relieved, or even constipation is aggravated, you should see a doctor in time and adjust the medication regimen.

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