Ten parts to keep you attractive

Hair, breast, reproductive system and so on are the ten most important parts of a woman’s body. Whether a woman can delay aging, be happy and healthy is greatly related to the maintenance of these parts. From now on, stick to these ten parts and let your charm stay.

1. Hair

If you don’t take good care of your beautiful black hair, it may become a trigger for other diseases. If a woman colors her hair more than 12 times a year, her probability of lymphoma is 26% higher than that of a woman who never colors her hair. Don’t dye your hair more than twice a year; Women who have scalp wounds, suffer from chronic diseases, are about to become pregnant or have become pregnant should not dye their hair.

2. Eyes

Puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, menopause… The “vision crisis” almost runs through a woman’s life. In adolescence, myopia deepens with physical development; Menstruation is easy to cause visual fatigue, blurred vision and other phenomena; Lack of nutrition during pregnancy may cause night blindness, multiple neuritis, optic papillitis, etc; Menopause is inseparable from presbyopia.

3. Nose

According to statistics, the nasal cavity inhales and exhales 1 in a day. 50000 liters of air. In this way, the nasal mucosa and nasal cilia will naturally deposit a large number of bacteria, which may cause cold, asthma and other bacteria to invade the human body. Because the blood composition of women changes during menstruation, their immunity is relatively poor, and their respiratory tract is more susceptible to infection. During this period, you should stay away from places with heavy pollution, or from excessively cold and overheated environments.

4. Skin

Cosmetics added with chemicals often make the skin fragile; Sunlight is even more difficult for the skin. Ultraviolet is the main factor causing skin cancer, and skin color is closely related to skin cancer. People with blue eyes and red hair have a higher risk of skin cancer than those with black skin.

5. Breasts

Breast is the most vulnerable part of women – in sexual life, too rough behavior of men may affect the blood circulation of breast, artificial abortion may also increase the probability of breast cancer, and even excessive lace and nylon bras may lead to lactation disorders. From wearing the first bra, you should choose cotton.

6. Heart

The sharp rise and fall of weight has made women’s hearts more threatened. If a woman loses or gains more than 10 kilograms of weight in a year, her heart will be obviously damaged. But gradual weight loss is good for health.

7. Bladder and kidney

Bladder and kidney. Bladder is also an eventful place for women, and 20% of women will suffer from transient cystitis in their lives. Drinking water is the key to prevent cystitis. Drink 6-8 glasses of water every day and urinate every two or three hours; Wear cotton underwear, otherwise it will hinder the air circulation and breed bacteria.

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