Do you pay attention to cancer signals in your body?

Nowadays, the rate of cancer is not small. The celebrities who have died of cancer in recent years have attracted people’s attention to cancer. We can observe from some daily details whether there are signs of cancer, detect it as soon as possible, and prevent and treat it as soon as possible.

Before cancer cells wantonly attack the body, there must be some signals to alarm in advance, but they didn’t attract your attention at that time. Recently, experts from the American Cancer Association wrote an article on “health online” to remind us that we must pay more attention to the following symptoms.

There is a change in one nipple or breast. The early symptoms of breast cancer include redness and swelling of the breast, discharge of secretions, depression, mass, wrinkles, irregular spots, or flat and invaginated nipples.

Bleeding in vagina, rectum or urine with pain. If irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, excessive menstrual blood, bleeding after sexual intercourse or blood in urine occur from time to time, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer or bowel cancer should be warned.

Defecation changes or bladder abnormalities. Persistent constipation, diarrhea or stomach pain, as well as frequent urination or pain in urination and defecation, may be related to bowel cancer, bladder cancer or kidney cancer.

Sudden or periodic abdominal distension, abdominal and pelvic pain. Pay attention to the situation that “jeans are not suitable for you” in the non menstrual cycle. You should be especially careful when you have abdominal pain and distension, which may indicate ovarian cancer.

Unexplained weight changes. If it has nothing to do with activities and diet changes, it is a signal of digestive system tumor.

No cold, but persistent sore throat, cough or hoarseness. If chest pain and ear pain occur again, it is necessary to be alert to early lung cancer, leukemia or throat cancer.

Dysphagia or frequent indigestion. There is always a feeling of food stuck in the throat and indigestion, which may be related to the esophagus, throat or lung cancer.

Enlarged lymph nodes. A sudden mass in the neck, armpit or groin may be a sign of lymphoma.

The ulcer does not heal. Ulcers on the lips, mouth or throat, skin damage and sudden enlargement of genital herpes may be signals of tumors in relevant parts.

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