How can I wash my face? The more I wash, the healthier I become

First of all, choose cleaning products. You should choose products with moderate cleanliness. If you wash away the oil too much, it will often cause your skin to be too dry and sensitive. When you find that your face is red and peeling, and you will be allergic to the usual maintenance products, you should check whether the facial washing products are too irritating, otherwise, excessive cleaning will not only be beneficial to your skin’s health, but also easy to produce small fine lines on excessively dry skin.

And most people often have the wrong idea that facial soap is cleaner than facial cleanser. In fact, foaming is not equal to cleaning power. There are many types of cleaning products, no matter it is facial cleanser, solid facial soap, gel, mousse and other cleaning products, it is impossible to distinguish the strength of cleaning power just based on the different types of cleaning products. The number of foam or the softness of foam touch is not directly related to the cleaning power or irritation. Therefore, it is the correct way to distinguish the strength of cleaning power according to the components of cleaning products. Sometimes too much foam may be saponifiable or the interface active agent is too strong, which may even harm the skin.

If you sweat a lot, the sweat will bring more oil to your face, which is the reason for the formation of acne. The prevention of acne can start with basic facial washing, so oily skin can choose facial washing products with moderate cleaning power, and use facial cleanser up to three times a day. If there is too much grease, you can wash your face with warm water to reduce greasiness. After washing with warm water, you can splash cold water to astringe pores. However, be careful not to clean too much, otherwise the weak acid protective film of the epidermis will be washed, and the resistance will become poor, making bacteria easy to invade, and acne may become more rampant.

In the hot subtropical climate, most people have mixed skin. When washing your face, you can wash it from the oily T-shaped part. The action should be gentle and do not over massage, so as not to stimulate your skin. When using facial cleanser to clean facial skin, you can rub the cleanser in the clean palm, bubble it, and then massage it evenly onto your face. Let the cleanser stay on your face for 1 to 2 minutes to rinse it off. If you wash it too long, it will cause the adverse effect of over cleaning.

Many female friends think that washing their faces with hot water is clean, which is actually a very incorrect concept. When washing the face, the water temperature should be slightly warm or cold. If the water temperature is too high, it will stimulate the secretion of oil, and on the contrary, it will cause the reverse effect of washing more and more oil.

Pay attention to the above methods of washing your face. I believe you will have a clean and healthy face.

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