Three hazards caused by replacing pillows with hands

In real life, many students can’t go home at noon. Most of them lie on the desks in the classroom and rest with their heads resting on their arms. However, sun Hongyan, director of the Institute of children and adolescents of the China Youth Research Center, said that there are three major dangers to napping with hands instead of pillows.

Hazard 1

Because of lying on your arms to sleep, many nerves are compressed, and you often feel anxious and can’t sleep soundly during your afternoon nap.

Hazard 2

Because the eyeballs are compressed when sleeping on the stomach, temporary blurred vision usually occurs after a nap. If this happens for a long time, the intraocular pressure will be too high, and the vision will be damaged. Over time, the eyeball will expand and the eye axis will grow, forming high myopia. At the same time, it is easy to increase the incidence rate of glaucoma. It is even more harmful to patients who have developed mild myopia, myopia or students who wear contact lenses.

Hazard 3

Sleeping on the stomach, long-term pressure on the arms and face, will affect the normal blood circulation and nerve conduction, make both arms and face numb or even feel sore. If you don’t pay attention to it, it will evolve into local nerve paralysis or deform the face over time.

Sun Hongyan reminded that if you can’t go home for a nap, you should also lie on your desk for a nap as much as possible, instead of sleeping on your desk. In addition, don’t take a nap immediately after lunch. The nap time should be half an hour.

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