Side effects and hazards of photon freckle: side effects and hazards of photon freckle

Due to various factors, many people now have various spots on their faces. Now, with the development of science and technology, there are more and more ways to remove spots. Photon freckle has developed into the most beautiful treatment technology in recent years. What are the side effects of photon freckle? Let’s take a look.

Advantages of photon freckle removal

Quick effect, safe treatment, less side effects

It can simultaneously treat the skin spots, the expansion of hair vessels and the appearance of blood lines.


It can not be maintained permanently, and the treatment cycle is long. It needs multiple treatments

Side effects of photon freckle removal

1. If you don’t pay attention to diet or care after surgery, your skin will have adverse reactions

2. People who go to photon freckle and beauty treatment for a long time will also have sensitive and thin skin, which is easy to cause allergy.

3. Just after photon freckle removal and beauty treatment, the skin will become very sensitive, so pay attention to sunscreen work, otherwise it is easy to leave traces.

Harm of photon freckle removal

1. Dry, cracked and dry skin

The reason for this is that photon freckle treatment has treated the skin surface. In this process, the horniness must be peeled off. In this way, it is easy to cause the skin to lose moisture, slow blood stasis and purple when encountering cold air, and lose the skin’s warmth. It is easy to cause the skin to be tight, dry and cracked, and also accelerate the skin aging phenomenon.

2. Skin becomes sensitive

Regular photon freckle removal will make the skin thin, tender and fragile, and make the skin that is not sensitive become sensitive. This is because the blood vessels expand and dry after the skin cell layer falls off, causing skin itching.

3. Aggravate melanin deposition

Although photon freckle removal can quickly remove freckles, we should also pay attention to the repair ability of the skin. Because this cosmetic technology is very destructive to the surface of the skin, its self-healing and UV protection functions are affected, so it may aggravate the disease.

Every drug, every treatment method, every operation, etc. will bring some side effects to the body, but if we know these side effects, we can prevent them in time, reduce the occurrence of side effects, or do not choose methods with large side effects. Therefore, I hope the above introduction can bring you some help.

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