Nutritionists teach you to be lazy and healthy

(Gu Zhongyi, nutritionist of Beijing Friendship Hospital) I am a full-time nutritionist. Like most office workers, life is always in a hurry. So, sometimes at home, I just want to lie down and not move. My mother always said to me, “Why are you so lazy and inactive as a nutritionist?”

Yes, I’m lazy! After a busy work, we all want to relax ourselves, which virtually sacrifices some lifestyles that make us live healthier. Because we want to relax, we surf the Internet and brush the circle of friends; Because we don’t want to be tired, we care about takeout. As an online paragraph said: “I have a dream, a big room, facing the sea, spring flowers, air conditioning, WiFi, and takeout”. But I’m always thinking, how can I live lazily and healthily while I’m busy?

My own approach is actually very simple. First, we should have our own time planning. To this end, I have learned some time management methods myself, downloaded the time management app, and tried some methods of efficient time management, such as learning “how to achieve efficient tomato work in 25 minutes”. After reasonable planning of time, we can make rational use of some of the time originally spent on brushing the circle of friends and Weibo, so as to reduce unnecessary time waste.

Secondly, we should have reasonable sleep time and exercise time. From the perspective of human health, normal people should ensure 6-8 hours of sleep every day, 30 minutes of exercise every day, or 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every week. Many office workers will say that they are too short of time to spare for exercise and rest. As far as I am concerned, rest time should be guaranteed no matter what. If you exercise time, you can do it as long as you change your thinking.

In office, getting up and walking every half an hour is far better than sitting upright for a whole day and then setting aside 30 minutes for exercise; On the way to and from work, ride or walk more; As for the spare time after work, you can do some now popular non instrument sports, which can not only grasp the time, but also make your body get a good exercise.

Finally, regarding food, I suggest you cook at home. However, the time cost of cooking by yourself is really a problem worth considering. Therefore, I will use machines to replace simple labor. Most of today’s household appliances have a timer function, and you can make an appointment. Another advantage of using the machine is that its temperature can be controlled, which can prevent inconvenience caused by insufficient cooking technology.

Put beans and rice in the rice cooker, add water, set a time, and get up the next day to have delicious porridge; You can cook eggs easily and conveniently with an egg cooker. I also cooked hairy crabs with it, and the taste is also good; The electric steamer is used to steam vegetables, which can retain the nutrients in the ingredients to the maximum extent.

In addition, there are microwave ovens, air fryers, bread machines, yogurt machines, coffee machines, dishwashers, electric ovens and other electrical appliances to choose from, which not only saves time, but also makes nutritious food. However, in the cooking process, we must remember “less oil, less salt and less sugar” to avoid excessive nutrition.

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