Rubbing these six parts is healthier

You can rub your hands, forehead, waist and other body parts when you have nothing to do at ordinary times, which can make you healthier.

hand rubbing – rub the back and palm of the hand 50 times each

Regular hand rubbing is beneficial to stimulating acupoints and preventing frostbite and cold. For the elderly, hand rubbing can prevent hand muscle atrophy, delay aging, consolidate hands-on ability and so on.

rub the center of the foot – rub each foot about 100 times until the center of the foot is red Hot

Rubbing the soles of the feet often can prevent and treat hypertension, neurasthenia, migraine, overhead pain, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, foot atrophy, soreness, numbness, edema, forgetfulness, indigestion, anorexia, abdominal distension, constipation, epilepsy, hernia, infantile convulsion, and heart, liver, spleen, gallbladder and other organ diseases.

rub your forehead – rub your forehead 50 times from left to right

Rubbing your forehead often can remind you to wake up, activate the blood circulation of the brain, increase the blood supply to the brain, and play a role in strengthening the brain.

rub the nose – rub the index fingers of both hands on both sides of the bridge of the nose

Rubbing the nose can improve the blood flow of the nose, increase various nutritional supplements to the nose, improve the functions of the nose, such as the function of blocking dust and bacteria in the air, increasing the humidity of the inhaled air, regulating the temperature of the inhaled air, making the air inhaled into the lungs cleaner, wetter and warmer, and improving our ability to resist diseases.

rub your ears – rub your ears 50 times with your palm

Rubbing the ears often can not only alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of the body, but also alleviate fatigue, cheer up the spirit, and make people feel refreshed.

rubbing waist eyes – rub your palms down and up your waist for 100 ~ 200 times.

People’s two kidneys are within the waist, so rubbing the waist often can strengthen the kidney. There is also a waist eye point at the waist, which is located in the depression of 3-4 inches to the left and right of the spinous process of the third vertebra at the waist. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the waist eye point is a strange point outside the meridian, which is located in the belt (the meridian around the waist) and is the location of the kidney. Rubbing here often can warm the kidney yang and smooth the blood.

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