Open the practical ceremony of winter body care

The maintenance methods and nursing priorities are different in each season. Now let’s take a look at how experts suggest winter body maintenance.

First, prevent dry skin

If the sebaceous glands are less developed, the skin will become red, swollen and dry. Therefore, when taking a bath, the water temperature should not be too high, so as not to exert too much oil; At the same time, it is recommended that you do not take a bath with soap for the time being, but use bath milk. After bathing, when your body is slightly wet and full of moisture, put on a body care milk with high consistency. This can improve dry skin.

Skin care of front chest and back

Some people will have acne on their back and chest because of blocked sebaceous glands. At this time, you need to choose neutral soap or bath liquid to bathe, and do body exfoliation once a week, so as to improve the blocking of the skin. The use of neutral cleaning products to clean the skin can excrete excess oil and delay the generation of acne.

Secondly, maintain the breast

The chest mainly relies on a large triangular skin extending from the bottom of the breast to the lower jaw, which is similar to a pouch, to maintain its shape. This muscle is called a natural bra. If you want to have a strong chest, you must take good care of this skin. You can apply body lotion or firming cream every day, and gently massage your hands in a circular motion from the bottom of the chest to the neck to keep the skin of the chest tender and elastic.

Suggest simple slimming exercise


If the arm is fat, both hands can swing forward or upward alternately, and then draw a large circle backward to strengthen the curve of the arm.


With the growth of age, women are very easy to have a “General belly”, which not only affects beauty, but also brings inconvenience to life. At this time, you can often do abdominal tucks or sit ups to help abdominal muscles contract.


Women who often sit in the office tend to get fat in their hips. At this time, you need to move more and sit less. Often do back leg pulling to improve their hips and make their muscles stronger.

Big and small legs

Jogging every day, front leg lifting, side leg lifting, lying flat and cycling backwards can help strengthen the muscles of both feet.

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