One week moisturizing and whitening strategy

Skin is the primary factor for beauties to shine, so the most important thing in the “dazzle” skin plan is to do a good job of skin care. After that, no matter what style you dress up, you can do whatever you want. From today on, start to accumulate beauty.

Monday: deep cleaning

Washing your face is a very important step in the beauty process. No matter how late it is, you must wash your face and clean off the residual makeup on your face. For dry skin, you must choose an acidic cleanser, which is closer to the original acid-base environment of the skin and will not cause more serious dryness and roughness. After that, you need a basin of hot water to let the rising steam float evenly over every inch of the skin on your face, and then cover your face with a hot towel for about 10-15 minutes, which can smooth the capillary holes. This method is especially suitable for oily skin.

Tuesday: relieve stress

Tuesday is a particularly difficult day of the week, so special care is needed.

After the pressure of a week’s work, black circles have been clearly painted on the face. Then, to repair the skin around the eyes, the “electric eye” beauty can be dazzling. Pour ice milk on the gauze and gently apply it to the eyes for about 10 minutes. Apply it twice a night to eliminate the eye band and relieve the pressure on the eyes

Wednesday: Deep Moisturizing

Moisturizing is always the theme. As long as the skin has enough moisture, almost all skin problems can be solved. If you want to be a beautiful actress, moisturizing is of course essential. Skin in spring is easy to be allergic, and natural facial mask is more suitable for fragile skin. Use an egg yolk, add a spoonful of honey, stir evenly, wash your face with warm water, apply it to your face for about ten minutes, and then wash it with warm water after the facial mask is completely dry, and then use makeup water and moisturizing products. Then, the skin will feel soft and tender.

Thursday: whitening

As a Chinese saying goes, one white can cover up a hundred ugly faces, which shows how important white and tender skin is. Whitening is not a two-day effort, it requires long-term efforts. Various whitening facial mask is a simple method, and essence is also an effective method. After cleansing with mild facial cleanser, evenly massage the essence on your face with your finger until absorbed.

Friday: moisturize again

Weekends are an important time for our skin care, and we must make full use of them. The morning is the best state of the skin. If you let the skin drink enough water and supplement enough nutrition early in the morning, the skin will naturally be more healthy and shiny. Therefore, we need to make a more complex olive oil facial mask: heat the olive oil to about 37 ℃, add an appropriate amount of honey, and then soak the gauze in the oil to take it out and cover it on the face skin, and take it off 20 minutes later. It is especially effective for those with dry skin.

Saturday: rest

Ordinary maintenance is OK.

Week 7: calm the skin

On this day, you may have social engagements. Drinking coffee, wine, strong tea, etc. will make people excited to varying degrees, resulting in insufficient sleep, which will seriously affect the quality of skin. You should take a handkerchief with you. When you go to the bathroom, gently apply it on your neck, cheeks and eyes for a while with a wet handkerchief, which can effectively calm your skin and eliminate tiredness, eye bands and dark circles

On Monday, you should get up early and do a deep moisturizing care to ensure that your skin is hydrated all day long and that your makeup is energetic.

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