A man’s whitening method in a week? Men’s whitening method in a week

Don’t think whitening is what girls should do. You know, not every man can be Louis Koo. Therefore, boys should take care of it quickly. Girls prefer “little fresh meat”.

Men’s whitening method in a week: quickly change into small fresh meat

Some boys think that skin color has nothing to do with themselves. On the contrary, black skin is more masculine. In fact, it is not. Nowadays, girls like boys with white and transparent skin, such as Yang Yang, Li Yifeng, Jing Boran, Lu Han, Wu Yifan, etc. These danghong fried chicken are all models of tender and white skin. Dull skin not only looks ugly, but also causes a series of subsequent problems.

Xiaobian will share with you today how to quickly turn white in a week.

Monday: deep and thorough cleaning

Monday is usually called “Black Monday”, because after the weekend break, people will start to return to work again.

1. You must remember to wash your face when you get up in the morning and after work in the evening, because this is the most important step in the beauty process.

2. When cleaning the face, men can choose to use refreshing and non greasy facial cleanser, which can thoroughly and deeply clean the dirt on the face. Javier scrub mineral mud facial cleanser is a good choice. It contains very fine scrub particles, which can be massaged by colleagues who clean the skin in depth, and will not damage the skin structure.

3. To fumigate your face with hot water steam, first prepare a basin of hot water, then dip your towel in the hot water for a while, scoop up the water, twist it dry, and apply it to your face.

Tuesday: remove dark circles and bright eyes

Generally, dark circles under the eyes are easy to occur on Tuesday. To solve this problem, you can use frozen milk, pour it on the gauze, and then apply it to your eyes for about 10 minutes, and then apply it again after an interval of 15 minutes. This can eliminate eye fatigue and reduce eye wrinkles.

Wednesday: moisturize and keep skin in the best condition

For Wednesdays, the most important task is to pay attention to maintaining the humidity of the skin, because it is very necessary for the skin. At this time, we can make our own balsam pear facial mask, cut the balsam pear into thin slices after 15 minutes of refrigeration, stick it on the face, and clean it after 15 minutes. This can whiten and moisturize the skin.

Thursday: the most critical moment of whitening and brightening

What needs to be dealt with on Thursdays is the problem of skin whitening. After washing your face with warm water, you must insist on using various whitening facial mask, or finished facial mask made by yourself or purchased. After use, you should apply an appropriate amount of essence.

1. Tofu, honey and facial mask are very good for whitening.

2. First crush a piece of tofu, then filter out the water with gauze, mix 15g flour and 5g honey, apply it to your face, keep it for 20 minutes, and then wash it. This can make men’s skin white and transparent.

3. If boys feel that this method is troublesome, they can directly buy the finished facial mask with whitening effect, but remember to choose a large brand facial mask that does not contain hormones or harmful ingredients.

Friday: the best time for skin care

For skin care, Friday is the best time for skin care. Xiaobian recommends that men can make almond and egg white facial mask by themselves.

1. Boil soft almonds in boiling water, then rub off the skin, mash them into mud, and mix them with peony.

2. Apply the facial mask on your face and rinse it with warm water once a week.

3. This can restore the luster of men’s dull skin, moisturize and delicate skin, and reduce wrinkles.

Saturday: get enough sleep

Saturday is the first day of rest. If you don’t have to work overtime, you can also do some general maintenance properly, but the most important thing is to keep enough sleep.

Sunday: replenish water

On Sundays, most men will go out to chat with friends or do something. At this time, it is best to prepare a wet towel, which can be applied to the face at any time to calm the skin, eliminate fatigue and dark circles under the eyes. When they return home, they can do face massage to replenish the lost moisture and keep the skin cool and comfortable.

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