Four seasons how to healthy skin care and whitening four seasons how to healthy skin care and whitening

Nowadays, in addition to their busy work, people also pay attention to their own image. Many people want their skin to be good in their daily life. Therefore, we need to pay attention to some skin care methods. Different seasons have different skin care methods. So, how to protect skin and whiten healthily in four seasons? Let’s learn about it together.

Skin care in summer

In summer, the skin is easy to lose balance. Often neutral skin will become oily or dry. At this time, people should adjust their beauty and skin care products according to the changes of the season, so that their skin can be best protected. Generally, ultraviolet rays in summer pose the greatest threat to the skin. It will make skin keratinization lose elasticity, cause premature aging, and also cause chloasma and solar dermatitis. When you go out, you’d better wear a hat and an umbrella, and apply some sunscreen on your face or exposed parts, which can effectively resist the damage of ultraviolet rays to your skin.

In summer, toilet water can often be used as a disinfectant. It consists of 3% essence, 70% alcohol and an appropriate amount of water. Sprinkle some on your face washing water, bath water, bedroom, living room or body, which can not only deodorize, remove sweat, sterilize and stop itching, but also strengthen your brain and refresh yourself. In addition, in summer, when cleaning the skin, you can also apply some talcum powder or prickly heat powder in an appropriate amount, which have the functions of cooling, antiperspiration and antipruritic.

Rehydration is the key

In summer, the hot weather will cause the body to lack water. When the body is short of water, it will not feel thirsty immediately. The body will first “borrow water” from peripheral organs, the most important of which is the skin. When there is no water in your skin, you will feel thirsty. Therefore, when you feel thirsty, your skin has already been “dry”. Therefore, drink water in time in summer to replenish moisture for the skin.

In summer, you can drink mineral water containing calcium, magnesium and other minerals and carbon dioxide, which can make your skin delicate and rosy, and lemon water rich in vitamin C, which is very effective in maintaining skin tension and elasticity. In addition, drinking chrysanthemum tea, Qishui tea, lotus leaf tea and other Chinese herbal teas, green tea, Pu’er tea, Longjing tea and so on, can also have a hydrating effect. These drinks can speed up the circulation of body fluids and make the skin clean and moist.

Pay attention to sunscreen

Put on sunscreen lotion and sunscreen 15 minutes before going out, and remember to take it out. Make sure to apply it when you are outdoors for one or two hours. Even if you are already tanned, you should prevent it from continuing to tan. Don’t think you don’t need sunscreen if you sit indoors! Floors, walls and glass all reflect ultraviolet rays.

Eat more vegetables and fruits

Eat more vegetables and fruits: eat more vitamin C, e β Carotene food can help beautify your skin and make you white again soon.

Mango ice is very popular in summer, although mango is rich β Carotene, but you can’t eat too much to avoid yellowing your skin. In addition, eating too much coriander (coriander), leek, nine layer pagoda and red beans will also make your skin easy to be photosensitive, tan or get spots. In this way, we will provide you with a sweet soup that can relieve summer heat and whiten skin. Mung bean and barley seed soup or lotus seed and barley seed soup. Anyway, it’s right to add barley seed, which is especially helpful for skin beauty.

More attention should be paid to rest

In summer, the days are long and the nights are short. Hot weather can easily make people lose sleep. Lack of sleep is the natural enemy of beauty. It will not only make the skin dull and lusterless, but also make people unable to lift their spirits. Therefore, try to take a rest before 11 p.m. as far as possible. Even if you can’t, you must go to bed before 12 p.m. reluctantly. Sufficient sleep will make the skin of a beautiful woman shiny and rosy.

In daily life, we need to pay attention to whitening methods, effectively replenish water, pay attention to dietary matters, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, take more rest in daily life, avoid overwork, pay attention to sunscreen methods when going out in summer, so as not to affect our health, and pay attention to conditioning matters.

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