Eight ways to return your bright eyes

The eyes are the windows of human soul, but because of working at work for a long time, facing the computer, using their eyes excessively and other reasons, these “windows of soul” become tired, and it seems that they feel less clear when they look at things.

Eyes, like other organs, will gradually degenerate and weaken with age or due to other diseases. How to raise your eyes to improve your health? According to the traditional methods of raising eyes in China, combined with the relevant knowledge of modern medicine, eight methods of raising eyes can be summarized.

Method 1: ironing eyes

Every morning or before going to bed, sit or stand upright, close your eyes, and quickly rub your palms. You will feel hot and hot after about half a minute, and then quickly press your palms on your eyes. When the heat sensation is not obvious, try again as per the method, 14 times a day. This method has the effect of dredging meridians and activating collaterals and improving blood circulation.

Method 2: Operation

Stand 2-3 meters in front of the window naturally, and gaze at the four window corners with both eyes in turn, alternating clockwise and anticlockwise, 7-14 times in total. This method can relax muscles, activate collaterals and improve vision.

Method: three bath eyes

Bathe your eyes with hot water, hot towel or steam for 15-20 minutes 1-2 times a day. You can also use a traditional Chinese medicine bath, that is, fry chrysanthemum, Daqing leaves, mulberry leaves, bamboo leaves and other traditional Chinese medicines in water, fumigate your eyes with steam while it is hot, and then wash your eyes with medicinal water after the water temperature is high. For a long time, it can clear away heat, diminish inflammation and improve eyesight.

Method 4: cultivate the eyes

At ordinary times, we should pay attention to the choice and collocation of diet, such as coarse and fine grains, meat and vegetable dishes, etc. In addition, we should eat more vegetables and fruits, pay attention to the supplement of vitamins and trace elements, and eat kelp, carrots, celery, animal liver, etc.

Method 5: rubbing eyes

Close your eyes, press your eyes with the middle and index fingers of both hands respectively, press them appropriately and rhythmically (to the extent that you don’t feel uncomfortable), and rotate slightly. This method is most suitable for the elderly, especially glaucoma patients. However, those who suffer from eye diseases or have undergone eye surgery must do so under the guidance of doctors, and must not use excessive force.

Method: hexapolar eye

Get up in the morning in an open place with fresh air, stand upright naturally, and look at a target in the distance, such as treetops, spires or peaks. At this time, relax your eyes as much as possible. After 1-2 minutes, gradually move your line of sight closer until you are about 1 foot in front of your eyes, watch for about 1 minute, and then move your line of sight from near to far to the original target.

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