What’s the magic trick of hand care in autumn? There are methods for hand care in autumn

It’s autumn, and many MM’s hands are becoming dry and rough. Without delay, hurry up and take care of your hands, because it is your second face.

First hand protection: soften cutin

We often say that facial exfoliation is also needed for both hands. Removing old horniness can make the skin of both hands more tender and smooth. But in autumn, the skin of both hands is already dry. At this time, it is not good to use exfoliating products with scrub particles. Therefore, Xiaobian suggests that you use olive oil to exfoliate.

How to do it: drop olive oil in warm water, immerse your hands in it for 15 minutes, which can improve the dry and rough skin and soften the horniness; Rub the backs of your hands together until you feel hot, wash them with warm water, dry them, soak them in warm saline water for 5 minutes, and then wash them with hand sanitizer.

Second hand guard: wash hands with warm water

Hand washing is a must every day. If possible, try to wash your hands with warm water. This can not only clean your hands, but also indirectly moisturize your hands. Therefore, choosing to wash your hands with warm water is one of the best ways to protect your hands in autumn.

Hand protection No. 3: wash hands without soap

Many people like to wash their hands with soap and think it is cleaner. However, our hand skin is weakly acidic. Most soaps are alkaline, and some soaps are very alkaline. So if you wash your hands with this soap, the skin on your hands will become drier and rougher. Therefore, it is recommended that MMS should choose a mild hand sanitizer to wash their hands.

The fourth part of hand protection: start using hand cream

Many mm are used to hiding hand cream away in summer, which is not used at all. But autumn is coming, and mm should apply suitable hand cream appropriately. Moreover, hand cream should be carried with you. If you feel dry or wash your hands, you should rub it on, which can effectively prevent your skin from becoming dry.

The fifth part of hand protection: proper massage

As soon as autumn arrives, skin metabolism starts to slow down. When maintaining hands, you should combine hand massage or consciously practice hand beauty exercises to accelerate blood flow and metabolism and promote the absorption of nutrients by hand skin.

Sixth hand protection: milk moistens hands

When mm drink milk every day, don’t drink it all at once. You might as well use the rest to supplement the nutrition for the hand skin. Apply the leftover milk to your hands, wash your hands with warm water after about 15 minutes, and take care of your hands with milk. It will not only whiten your hands, but also moisturize your hands and prevent them from becoming dry.

Seventh hand guard: soak your hands with rice washing water before going to bed

When cooking and washing rice in the daytime, don’t pour out the rice washing water first. Why do you keep it? It can be used to moisten your hands. Before going to bed at night, soak your hands in Taomi water for about 10 minutes, then wash them with warm water, dry them, and apply hand cream to make your hand skin more moist and white.

The eighth part of hand protection: fist making exhibition

This is a good action to relieve tension and make your hands soft. First clench your fists, then unfold them, extend your five fingers as far as possible, and do it forcefully for three to five minutes every day.

The ninth hand guard: relax your hands

This is also a good way to avoid tension and make your hands not stiff. First put your hands at the level of your elbows, then relax your wrists and let your hands hang down feebly. Repeat this action of relaxing the hand.

Hand guard 10: imitate the action of playing the piano

This sport is to put both hands flat on the table, press them down gently, and then lift one finger at a time to raise them as high as possible. This sport can also be said that you may as well pretend to be practicing playing the piano. Its function is to stretch your hands and fingers, which can make your hands light and agile.

Hand guard No. 11: raise your hand

This simple action can restore the whiteness and tenderness of your hands and reduce the appearance of blue veins. Just unfold your five fingers and raise your hands above your head for a few minutes at a time.

Hand protection rule 12: put on gloves and sleep after applying Hand Cream

A pair of delicate and white hands can show a woman’s delicate style. Hurry up and don’t let your hands suffer any more.

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