People who use mobile phones for more than 68 minutes are prone to depression

A new study by Northwestern University in the United States found that the way smart phones are used can reveal the mental state of users and even help diagnose depression. People who focus on their mobile phones for more than 68 minutes a day are more likely to suffer from depression.

In this study, 28 participants aged 19 to 58 installed an app that can test location information and frequency of use. The depression questionnaire survey conducted by the tester showed that half of the people had no depressive symptoms, while the other half showed mild to severe depressive symptoms. Through mobile phone GPS positioning and tracking, it is found that people with high mental pressure usually stay at home. The study also showed that people with depressive symptoms used mobile phones for an average of more than 68 minutes a day, while those without depressive symptoms used them for 17 minutes.

Research team member and director of behavioral intervention technology center, Feinberg School of medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago? Moore said: the more time people spend on their mobile phones, the higher the probability of depression; People who like to stay at home are more likely to suffer from depression than those who like to go out. Moreover, people with depressive symptoms lack regularity in their daily life. For example, they go out to work at different times every day. It is reported that the accuracy rate of predicting depressive symptoms through user mobile phone data analysis can reach 87%.

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