Inventory of four common modern diseases of modern people

“Late night obsessive-compulsive disorder”, “procrastination”, “dependence” and other diseases must be no stranger to modern people. These modern diseases often consume a lot of energy and physical strength in modern society. Below, 39 Health Care editors take stock of the four most common modern diseases of modern people and tell you how to cure and prevent them.

1. Sleep late obsessive compulsive disorder

symptoms: when the patient realizes that he should actually sleep, but he just doesn’t want to sleep. For modern people, it seems that staying up late has become a normal thing, and they are often too tired to go, but they still try to brush their friends online.

39 Health Care editor’s advice: before going to bed, you must keep electronic products as far away from yourself as possible before going to bed, you can bubble your feet, drink a cup of hot milk, turn down the light in the room, put on some relaxing music, or read a book, which can make you sleep easily.

2. Procrastination

disease: refers to the behavior of self-regulation failure, and even when the consequences can be predicted to be harmful, it still postpones the things planned to be done.

Procrastination is a common social phenomenon. One social study shows that about two-thirds of college students think they procrastinate sometimes, and half think they procrastinate all the time. Serious procrastination will have a negative impact on the physical and mental health of individuals, such as strong self reproach, a sense of guilt, constant self denial and devaluation, and accompanied by psychological diseases such as anxiety and depression. Once this state occurs, attention should be paid to it.

39 Health Care editor’s suggestion: you must first recognize your procrastination, then find out the reason for your procrastination, write it down, put it in a prominent position, and remind yourself all the time. In addition, you can find another partner to make plans and complete tasks together, so as to supervise each other . You can form a good habit in 21 days, so start today!

3. Dependence

symptoms: the most common dependence is “WiFi dependence”. Specifically, when you go to a new place, whether it is a restaurant, KTV or other entertainment and leisure places, the first thing you do is ask for your WiFi password. In addition, there are some common dependence diseases, such as network dependence, emotional dependence, mobile phone dependence, and so on.

39 Health Care editor’s suggestion: for this group, self suggestion is the most useful . For example, keep yourself away from mobile phones and the Internet, imply that you should communicate more with people in real life, and do more meaningful things, such as outings, fitness, reading books, etc., to disperse your dependence on something.

4. Selection difficulties

symptoms: choosing fear is obviously a lack of self-confidence and responsibility evasion, a lack of self-reliance, and a fear of failure. People suffering from this disease will have great difficulties in making choices, and they can’t make choices they are satisfied with. When they have to make a decision among several choices, they will be panic stricken, panic stricken, and even sweating. Finally, they still can’t choose, resulting in a certain degree of fear about choice.

39 Health Care editor’s suggestion: for patients with selection difficulties, we can compare the advantages and disadvantages to help patients make choices. When the patient feels difficult and does not know how to make a choice, he can be guided to list a comparison table of advantages and disadvantages, and compare them to help him make up his mind.

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