Whitening Tips: quickly whiten your skin. What are the tips to whiten your skin in this way

1. Whitening with milk

Milk cosmetology is a simple way to whiten your face. After steaming your face. Put a cotton pad with enough fresh milk on your face, apply it for about 15 minutes, and clean the milk on your face. If this method is used for a long time, the effect will be better.

2. Whitening with Aloe

Put some fresh Lu Hui leaves and a small section of cucumber into the juicer, and then pour them into a small bowl. Prepare 1 / 4 of egg white, 3G of pearl powder and a proper amount of flour, pour these things into a small bowl, stir until the viscosity is moderate, and then paste them on the washed face. Take it off after quick drying, wash your face, and take skin softener and skin care products. This whitening method is used once or twice a week.

3. Whitening with vegetable juice

Pour cucumber, Western Celery, green pepper, green apple and a piece of tarpaulin melon into the juicer and drink after squeezing. Drinking this vegetable juice can supplement vitamin C well and make the skin whiter.

4. Whitening with tomato honey

Stir half a tomato into tomato juice, add a proper amount of honey to the tomato juice, fully stir it, apply it to the face or hand, and wash it off after 15 minutes. This method can be used once or twice a week. This formula is suitable for acne skin, which can effectively remove greasiness and make skin whiter and more delicate.

5. Whitening with honey protein membrane

Pour a fresh egg and a tablespoon of honey together and fully stir them. Brush them on your face with a clean soft brush. Massage them properly and wash them off after they are dried. This method can be used twice a week.

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