How to quickly whiten boys? 8 tips for men to quickly whiten

Everyone has a love of beauty. Both women and men attach great importance to skin care.

Some men pay more attention to whitening, so how can boys whiten quickly? In addition to daily care, there are also some tips, and the effect is very good! Experts have summarized some Whitening Tips for boys. Let’s learn about them together! 1. Wash your face with white vinegar when you wash your face every morning, take an appropriate amount of white vinegar and mix it in the facial washing water, and then clean your face with water mixed with white vinegar. This whitening method is very simple. As long as you persist for a period of time, you can quickly achieve the whitening effect, which is worth trying.

2. Apply honey to the face: take an appropriate amount of honey and pearl powder, put them into a small bowl, add a little pure water, mix them well, and then apply them to the face. After about 15 minutes, clean them with water.

This facial mask is economical and practical. The whitening effect is very good. I suggest you boys try it.

3. Milk for face dressing prepare a small cup of fresh milk and refrigerate it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. After cleaning your face, apply a hot towel to your face, and then apply the milk in circles on your face with your fingers, gently massage, and then wash it with clean water. If you persist in using it for several times, you will find that the skin on your face becomes white and tender.

4. Prepare a proper amount of pearl powder for pearl powder application, take two vitamin E pills to break, take vitamin E oil, mix it with pearl powder, add a little pure water to blend, mix it into a paste, apply it directly on your face, and then clean it with water after about 20 minutes.

This method can not only whiten quickly, but also remove freckles.

5. Apply white nut juice to the face. Prepare some white nuts according to the amount you need, press them into juice in the juicer, take out the juice, smear it directly on your face, and wash it with water after about 30 minutes.

If you use it regularly, you can make your skin white, tender and smooth, and have a good whitening effect.

6. Apply aloe juice to your face in autumn to whiten and replenish water is the primary task.

Take some fresh aloe vera, wash and peel it, press the juice, and then add a little pearl powder to mix and evenly apply it on your face.

Wash it off after about 20 minutes, adhere to it twice a week, and achieve a good whitening effect while hydrating the skin.

7. Drink fresh vegetable juice fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, vitamin C and other nutrients. Squeezing them into fresh vegetable juice for drinking is also a burden for whitening skin.

But you have to stick to it to get results.

8. Apply tomato juice to your face take half a fresh tomato, wash and peel it, press the juice, add a little honey to make a paste, then apply it to your face, wait for 25 minutes, and then wash it.

This method not only replenishes water, but also makes the skin white and delicate, and the whitening effect is very good.

All of the above methods have good whitening effects. Boys can try them first and choose the method that suits them.

In the 21st century, more and more boys are joining the skin care industry. They will not only apply skin care products but also apply facial mask. Boys must pay attention to the correct method of skin care, otherwise they may not achieve good results!

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