What are the fruit whitening and spotting methods? What are the fruit whitening and spotting methods

There will be many problems in people’s lives. When we find these problems, we should also deal with them. In particular, the method of fruit whitening and freckling is very practical. After knowing it, people should choose some methods that are suitable for themselves. So, what are the methods of fruit whitening and freckling? Let’s answer it now.

Steps / methods

1. Fast whitening and freckle removing method: Strawberry freckle removing, whitening and moisturizing

Strawberries are berries with a sugar content of 6% – 10% and a variety of fruit acids, vitamins and minerals, which can enhance skin elasticity, whiten and moisturize. In addition, strawberries are more suitable for oily skin, and have the effect of removing oil and cleaning skin. Squeezing strawberries can be used as cosmetics. Nowadays, many cleansing and nutritional facial mask also add strawberry ingredients, such as rare berry polyphenol factor, which is also very effective in removing acne. Regular use of strawberries can freshen and smooth the skin and avoid pigmentation. Strawberries are also rich in vitamin A and potassium, which are good for the health of hair. Drinking a cup of strawberry juice before going to sleep can also relax the nerves, which is good for treating insomnia.

2. Tomato as a fast whitening and freckle removing method balances the pH value of the skin, eliminates freckles and whitens

Tomatoes are nutritious and low in calories. Many models eat tomatoes to keep fit. Its rich acidic juice can help you balance the pH of your skin. For people with dark and rough skin, you can apply tomato juice to your face after tamping, and wash it with clean water after staying for about 15 minutes, which is very helpful to remove dead skin on your face. Tomatoes are also vegetables rich in vitamin C. mix a little honey in tomato juice and rub it on your face. After more than 10 minutes, clean it. You can whitening every day.

3. The fruit acid contained in cherry, a fast whitening and freckle removing method, can also promote the formation of cuticle

Cherry is a fruit containing more iron and carotene. It is very nutritious. It can replenish blood and kidney for people with deficiency of Qi and blood. Eating 200-300g before meals can regulate gastrointestinal function, which is good for people with poor digestive function. The rich vitamin C in cherries can moisturize and whiten skin and effectively resist the formation of melanin. In addition, the fruit acid contained in cherry can also promote the formation of cuticle.

4. Pineapple as a fast whitening and freckle removing method to lighten facial color spots

Pineapple is a tropical fruit. Its rich vitamins can not only fade facial spots, make skin moist and transparent, but also effectively remove horniness, promote skin metabolism, and make skin healthy. People with dark complexion can use gauze soaked in pineapple juice to wipe, and long-term persistence can play the role of whitening and rejuvenating. Adding a little pineapple juice to the bath water can moisturize the skin, especially for people with rough skin. In addition, pineapple also contains a substance called pineapple enzyme, which can effectively remove the dirt on the surface of teeth and make your teeth as white as jade.

5. Flower and Fruit Tea Whitening and freckle removing method

Materials: 25g ginkgo, 3 white chrysanthemums, 3 Sydney, proper amount of milk, seasoning and honey.

Method: remove the shell and clothes of Ginkgo; Wash the white chrysanthemum and take the petals; Wash Sydney, take the meat and dice it; Put the ginkgo and Sydney into a pot of water, boil until the ginkgo is soft, add milk and bring to the boil. After cooling, add honey to taste. Ginkgo, chrysanthemum, pear and milk can all clean and whiten the face, remove spots, prevent the deposition of melanin, and whiten the skin.

6. Tea Whitening and freckle removing method

Tea is used in cosmetics, so that the beauty ingredients in tea are directly absorbed by the skin. Tea beauty products include tea facial cleanser, tea cosmetic water, tea facial mask, Tea Whitening Cream, tea sunscreen, tea shampoo, etc. all of them take advantage of the beauty effect of tea, and have the advantages of safety and low irritation. The method of use is simple, economical and applicable, and can achieve good results after long-term adherence.

The above are the answers to freckle removal methods. When you see these, you should pay more attention to them. At the same time, you should remind people to take good measures when choosing, and stay away from the impact after paying attention to them in many aspects.

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