6 ways to whiten and hydrate all in one night? 6 ways to whiten and hydrate all in one night

Skin care is indispensable for every mm. However, for most office white-collar workers, they have to work during the day, and sometimes they have to work overtime on Saturdays and Sundays, and their most free time is at night. Therefore, how should white-collar workers use their time at night to protect their skin? Today, Xiaobian provides you with several effective ways to protect skin at night.

Three methods for whitening at night

1. Cleanser washes out white skin

Many mm don’t pay enough attention to washing their faces. They think that washing their faces is simple and doesn’t require much effort. In fact, this idea is wrong. Washing your face seems to be a small mistake, but it is the first and most important step of all skin care procedures. Only after you wash your face can you clean the grease and dirt in your skin pores, which is also conducive to the absorption of subsequent whitening products.

2. Toner is very important

This step of toner can’t be ignored. It has a good effect of cleaning and moisturizing. It can clean the skin twice, completely remove the residual things in the skin, improve the absorption capacity of the skin, and make your skin more white and tender. Skin lacking water will cause the formation of color spots.

3. Essence can whiten skin

Essence is the skin care product with the strongest whitening effect, which is more easily absorbed by the skin. Therefore, after cleaning the face and applying toner, we should also remember to apply essence on the face in time, and gently tap it with appropriate methods to fully absorb it, so that it can go deep into the bottom of the skin, improve the skin tone and whiten the skin from the root.

Four steps to replenish water at night

At night, the skin temperature rises by 0.5 degrees, and more blood is diverted from the viscera to the skin; At this time, the pores on the skin open, like a mouth waiting for food. The cells start to absorb nutrients and accelerate their movement in large mouthfuls, 8 times faster than in the daytime. The self-healing ability and the absorption rate of products are also high. Whether it’s moisturizing, tightening, whitening and repairing, the efficacy can be maximized. Don’t you grasp this golden time?

Step 1: clean thoroughly

No matter how you want to protect your skin, cleaning is the first key to the beauty of your skin. For those who make up, it is important to remove makeup. It is recommended to use mild makeup removal products for dry skin and sensitive skin, and use makeup remover for oily skin and mixed skin. Girls who don’t wear makeup naturally skip this step and go straight to cleaning.

Step 2: repair facial mask

The repair mentioned here includes moisturizing, yellowing removing, firming and other functions, and the facial mask must contain highly concentrated nutrients, which are the most suitable nutrients for the skin. Repair type facial mask is usually patch type or lotion type. After the use of lotion facial mask, it is necessary to wash away the substances that are not absorbed with water to prevent clogging pores. The patch facial mask can be gently wiped with a paper towel or patted with both hands to promote absorption. It should be noted that facial mask is not the last step of skin care at night, and it is especially important to lock in nutrients with essence and night cream afterwards.

Step 3: Essence care

Essence, like facial mask, is also a highly effective skin care product. When the two are used together at night, they can replenish water and nutrients to the skin, which has a significant effect. Essence is used after toner. Its molecule is smaller than that of face cream, and its permeability and efficacy are higher than that of face cream. Therefore, if you use essence, you must use it before face cream, otherwise you can’t let nutrients penetrate into the skin, penetrate into the bottom of the muscle, and play the largest role.

Step4: night frost locks water

At night, it is the rest period for self-regulation and care of physiological functions. At this time, what we need most is to nourish skin, accelerate cell metabolism, repair skin damage during the day, supplement nutrition, and make skin more elastic and delicate. The active ingredients of night cream are high, and the texture is moist. You can choose according to your skin type.

There are five points to be clear about whitening and hydrating

1. It is best to add water vapor to the air with a humidifier. The moderate moisture in the air can ensure that the skin is not too dry.

2. Before going to bed, thoroughly clean your face with a mild cleanser. Don’t use scrub cleanser every night.

3. Applying vitamin E or eye cream to the soft skin around the eyes and around the corners of the eyes can slowly lighten the existing wrinkles.

4. Use mild moisturizer, lotion and night face cream. This kind of moisturizer contains special ingredients, which can directly penetrate the skin’s surface layer to strengthen the function of the dermis to maintain moisture and prevent dry skin from wrinkles.

5. Develop a good habit of regular sleep. The beauty effect of adequate and high-quality sleep can not be replaced by cosmetics. It will make you radiant and youthful.

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