How to whiten and hydrate? How to whiten and moisturize

skin whitening

It is also important to use suitable whitening products. “I usually choose whitening products containing plant essence and vitamin C.” When using whitening products, Paige believes that it is necessary to pay attention to massage and gently massage the dark skin.

Because the work and rest time is uncertain, sleep will also be affected, and the skin color will be dim bit by bit. The skin will also become rough, dry, yellowish, and there will be color spots. Paige believes that we should go to bed and get up early as possible and eat more foods rich in vitamin C.

Moisture replenishment

For skin care, Paige advocates eating more fruits and drinking more soup. When she is free, she likes to peel papaya, tomatoes and oranges, cut them open and juice them. A large amount of vitamin C in fruits is a good whitening product. Eating more of these fruits can not only whiten and tender skin, but also replenish moisture for dry skin.

Paige believes that moisturizing products are very important, but we should also pay attention to internal moisturizing. Paige carries a small kettle with her every day. She said that this is to replenish water for herself at any time.

Whitening + hydration

When it comes to moisturizing, Cecilia Cheung believes that it is as important a skin care project as whitening. She said: “I use a great essence, which can nourish and moisturize the skin while whitening, and constantly replenish moisture for the skin. After cleaning the skin, take two drops and gently pat them on the face until they are fully absorbed.”

skin whitening

Fan Bingbing believes that whitening is not completely reflected in skin color, and transparent, pink and symmetrical skin is the “white” goal she has been pursuing. Moisturizing and cleaning are the foundation of whitening.

Replenish water

Using a moisturizing face cream with gel texture to take care of the skin in summer, or using a face cream with gel texture as a good night facial mask before going to bed, are all very pleasant machines for summer muscles.

Overlap two layers of very refreshing essence. The first layer should be oil-free. Such superposition is more conducive to deep hydration and long-term water lock.

A one-piece facial mask, if applied to the skin in a too humid environment every day, will instead provide a hotbed for bacteria and cause small acne. In this season, three days is enough.


In this season, makeup remover oil remains on the face, which will more easily cause acne. Makeup remover is not only more refreshing, but also has a certain moisturizing effect. In this season of refreshing summer makeup, replace your makeup remover oil with makeup remover water with moisturizing effect!

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