8 tips for fast whitening? 8 ways to whiten your skin quickly

Meimei, I find that in spring, many people’s skin turns yellow and black quickly! Don’t think that you don’t need sunscreen in spring. In fact, the ultraviolet rays in spring are still very strong. If you don’t pay attention to sunscreen, you will easily get sunburned and sunburned! So how to prevent sun in spring? How to whiten quickly after tanning? Let’s have a look!

How to prevent sun in spring?

Many people know that we must pay attention to sunscreen in summer. But most people don’t know that tanning actually starts in spring. Although there is no scorching sun in summer in spring, it is dry and windy, especially during the period from 11 noon to 3 pm, the ultraviolet rays are strong.

Ultraviolet rays can easily promote the formation of freckles and the deposition of melanin. The metabolic cycle of the skin is 28 days. If you don’t pay attention to sunscreen in spring, your skin will be exposed to ultraviolet rays too much, and sunburn will occur in summer. It will be too late if we want to remedy it then.

Although the sun in spring is gentle, its ultraviolet rays are quite strong. When you go out for a long time, you should not only apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more on the exposed parts, but also take sunshades such as umbrellas, sunglasses and hats. In order to improve the skin’s lack of water and dryness, we should eat more foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin B and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Tips on sun protection in spring

1. Hat

If you don’t care too much about your image, the best sunscreen effect is for iron faced people. Buy the largest size, and the brim can be pulled down to cover the whole face and neck without damaging the hairstyle.

2. Clothing and sunscreen

When the sun is very strong, don’t choose white clothes, choose dark clothes, which can play a better sunscreen effect. Because white clothes can only reflect heat, they can’t block ultraviolet rays. Wearing white clothes, ultraviolet rays will penetrate into the skin, which will harm the skin, making the skin darker and easier to age.

3. Keep your umbrella with you

According to the sunscreen test, a good quality sunshade can effectively block the sun and ultraviolet rays, and play a certain sunscreen effect.

4. Sunglasses

Eyes are the windows of the mind. No matter how much you care about sunglasses, you don’t want to save money. You’d rather buy some popular brands with good reputation and quality than any famous brand a goods or even Street goods. The key is that the quality of the lenses is not up to standard, which will directly harm our eyes. Drivers should pay more attention. On the basis of ensuring the brand and quality, try to choose the one that fits your face and covers it thoroughly. Students who wear UV protection contact lenses should still wear sunglasses, because contact lenses can protect the cornea at most when they are exposed to the sun, and large areas of conjunctiva are not protected when they are exposed to the sun.

5. Choose the right sunscreen

Many girls think that in the early summer, they do not need to apply sunscreen products in other seasons. In fact, ultraviolet rays irradiate their skin all year round, so they should do a good job of sunscreen all year round. However, it is not necessary to use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor in spring, and only those with a sun protection factor of about SPF15 can be selected. Some people don’t like sunscreen, but they can also use isolation cream. Because isolation can not only isolate ultraviolet rays, but also isolate makeup and dirty air.

How to whiten quickly!

1. Cleaning the skin after going out and going home is the foundation of whitening

Doing a good job of facial skin cleaning is the foundation of whitening, especially after going out and going home, you must use facial cleanser to wash your face! In this way, the skin can not only be thoroughly cleaned, but also be specially conditioned to strengthen the absorption of whitening and skin care products, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

2. Regularly remove aged horniness

Many people have similar feelings after tanning, as if a second layer of skin has grown on the skin surface, which is dry and dark. This is because the sun has caused the fusion of melanin and old horniness. If you want to whiten quickly, you must first remove these old horniness. It should be noted that after exfoliation, don’t apply whitening products immediately. First apply a layer of lotion to moisten the newly “exposed” cutin, slow down the stimulation of whitening products, and then take care of it normally in the future..

3. Eat more beans and finished products

In fact, it’s easy to have a white skin. As long as you compete for opportunities, you can eat more bean products such as soy milk, tofu flower, tofu and so on. Beans contain rich ovalbumin, which is very helpful for the skin to create collagen ovalbumin. Eating more is beneficial and makes the skin whiter and smoother. It is a cheap and natural whitening supplement.

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