Sticking to getting up early brings 7 amazing changes to your body

a stronger sense of happiness

A study by the University of Toronto in Canada found that whether young people or old people, those who get up early have more positive emotions and better self-health. Early risers who bathe in the morning light may be a major reason for being happy.

more energetic

Studies have found that early risers usually wake up faster, have a clearer mind, can quickly engage in activities requiring higher attention, are less likely to be sleepy, and are more energetic.

better performance

A study by the University of Texas published on the website of “online medical doctor” in the United States found that the scores of “lark type” (early rising) college students were one point higher than those of “night owl type” (staying up late).

Dr. Daniel Taylor, the research leader, said that “lark type” students live more regularly, attend classes on time, take more initiative in learning, and have no health problems caused by staying up late.

high efficiency in the morning

When “night owls” are bleary eyed, the early risers may have completed morning running, breakfast and a lot of business.

For more challenging activities of the day, early risers are more likely to make plans early and implement them in time.

work harder

A number of personality studies have found that people with a strong sense of responsibility are more efficient, more organized, more targeted and more detail oriented.

Some studies have found that those who get up early have a clearer mind, plan in advance and act boldly.

low risk of depression

Studies have found that people who love to stay up late are more likely to suffer from depression. People who are used to getting up early are more organized, fully prepared, less flustered, and therefore less depressed.

Another big reason is that early risers get enough sleep, and lack of sleep is also a major inducement of depression.

be kinder

A psychological study by the University of Sydney found that people who are used to getting up early are usually kinder. There are less “dark three characters”, namely, self-centered (narcissistic), adventurous and cruel (psychopathic) and good at lying and playing tricks on people (schemers).

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