Drooling in sleep? Your kidney is weak and your Qi is weak

Many people think that only children drool. In fact, adults do. Under normal circumstances, we don’t drool after falling asleep. If this phenomenon often occurs, it shows kidney deficiency and Qi deficiency, of which Yang deficiency is preferred.

The so-called “Yang” refers to the functional state of the body. People with Yang deficiency have insufficient muscle elasticity and are easy to relax. Therefore, when they fall asleep, they will open their mouths and saliva will flow out. Of course, if you catch a cold and have a stuffy nose, you have to open your mouth and breathe.

I believe you will also find that many elderly people (elderly food) will open their mouths when they sleep, because most of their body muscles are loose and their functions decline. If you are seriously weak, you will open your eyes during sleep. People with Yang deficiency often have a lot of saliva in their mouths when they don’t sleep on weekdays, and their stools are loose and easy to discharge. If you often drool in your sleep (sleep food), you’d better pay more attention to your body and adjust it in time.

On weekdays, you can take more Chinese herbal medicines to strengthen the spleen and kidney, such as lotus seeds, Euryale ferox and Huaishan yam. If you don’t have a dry mouth, you can add Codonopsis pilosula

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