Incorrect posture? Make your skin rough

Now, 99% of women have the problem of improper posture. Women always complain about obesity, rough skin and shoulder pain. Do you have the same trouble?

Local obesity

If the knee joint and crotch joint have skew symptoms, the muscles connected with them will also skew. The blood circulation in the muscles is not smooth, which is easy to deposit wastes, and the legs with inconvenient activities will accumulate fat. Obesity in the legs is usually caused by this reason.

Rough skin

Skin is also one of the excretory organs of the human body. Poor blood flow caused by improper posture will make the capillaries of the skin unable to receive nutrients, waste products generated by metabolism will accumulate in the body, and the skin will become rough.

Dark complexion & dark circles under eyes

Due to the skew of the body, the skull will gradually be dislocated. In this way, one side of the eye will become smaller, the muscles around the eye will be weak, fine lines will easily occur, the blood flow in the eye will not be smooth, and black circles will also be caused. Dark skin is also caused by poor blood circulation.


Constipation is a phenomenon of metabolic obstruction caused by low visceral function and inability to defecate smoothly. If the posture is not correct, the muscles around the spine will compress the viscera, causing the viscera to sag and unable to function normally.

shoulder pain

An important reason for shoulder pain is that the spine is crooked, resulting in dislocation of the shoulder blades and different heights of the shoulders. Concomitantly, the thickness and length of shoulder muscles are different, which destroys the balance of the body.

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