Test! Incorrect posture eats away at health

Improper posture mainly means that one side of the body is always in a state of tension or stressed for a long time. For example, incorrect posture, always used to use one arm, etc. As long as there is a skew symptom in a certain part of the body, the flow of blood and lymph will be blocked, and the resulting result will be a bad effect on the body shape and skin.

Do you have any problem with your posture?

◇ often chew food with one side of the teeth.

◇ the shoes don’t fit and the feet hurt when walking.

◇ always use one shoulder to endorse the bag.

◇ when standing, always focus on the same foot.

◇ hunchback.

◇ always work with your back bent.

◇ write too hard.

◇ when relaxing, I like to sit with my knees apart.

◇ the position of the computer is not correct, and you should always lean when using it.

◇ always use a fixed hand when holding the chin.

◇ one sole is always worn badly.

◇ always watch TV on the sofa after supper.

If those are your repeated mistakes, it seems that you are also one of those 99%!

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