Mosquitoes kill more than 720000 people every year

mosquitoes transmit four diseases

Zeng Xiaopeng, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and prevention, said that mosquitoes are the most harmful to humans among all animals. The World Health Organization also pointed out that mosquitoes are the most deadly animal killer of mankind.

Zeng Xiaopeng said that in addition to itching, four diseases can be transmitted after mosquito bites: first, malaria, which has been listed by the who as one of the three major dangerous diseases like AIDS and tuberculosis. Malaria kills hundreds of thousands to millions of people worldwide every year. In China, it is mainly transmitted by Anopheles sinensis. The second is dengue fever, with a mortality rate of 15% ~ 50%. Mainly in Guangdong, Guangxi and other places of China, it is spread by Aedes albopictus, which is often called the flower mosquito, and it occurs frequently from June to November. Although it is rare in the north, as long as there are mosquito bites, there is a possibility of dengue fever. The third type is Japanese encephalitis. Children are the main victims, mostly occurring in summer and autumn. It is mainly transmitted by Culex tritaeniorhynchus. The last one is Chikungunya fever, which is an exotic disease. Its initial symptoms are very similar to dengue fever, but in addition to high fever and rash, it also has a very prominent feature, that is, joint pain, which is very harmful to joints and can make joints lose function in a few hours. It is also transmitted by Aedes albopictus.

who is easy to attract mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a great threat, so we should be prepared for protection. Zeng Xiaopeng said that the current scientific research has not shown that there is a link between blood type and the specificity of mosquito bites, but there are several types of people who are particularly “favored” by mosquitoes. First, people who breathe faster, that is, people who exhale more carbon dioxide, are easy to attract mosquitoes; The second category is people who are easy to sweat and have a high body temperature. Their sweat will bring out a large number of gas molecules, and the amino acids on the body surface will rise. These components will attract mosquitoes; The third category is relatively fat people. Fat people tend to sweat more, breathe faster, and secrete feces exuberantly; Finally, it is the child, because the child has a fast metabolism and strong secretion. In addition, if there are some unnoticed details and behaviors in life, we will also be easy to attract mosquitoes, such as wearing black clothes.

don’t scratch after being bitten.

Zeng Xiaopeng said that the fundamental way to avoid mosquito bites is to reduce the “smell” emitted by the body. Ordinary people can apply anti mosquito liquid and toilet water to repel mosquitoes properly. After exercise, they should take a bath as soon as possible. When it is hot and sweaty, they should wipe off the sweat with paper towels and handkerchiefs in time. In addition, the smell of some cosmetics also attracts mosquitoes, so it is better to use less cosmetics such as perfume and skin lotion in summer. Prevention is still the main way to drive mosquitoes in life. Zeng Xiaopeng said that mosquitoes like water most. People who like to raise plants should thoroughly change the water in vases and hydrophytes at least once a week, and also clean up the accumulated water on air-conditioning trays and flower pots. People should bathe frequently and wear light colored clothes. At ordinary times, we should clean the living room frequently and install screen windows and doors.

What needs to be reminded is that you can’t scratch after being bitten by mosquitoes. The more you scratch, the more itchy it will become, and it will not fade easily; Generally, the itch will subside after 15 minutes. Alkaline substances can be used to relieve pain and itch, and soap can be dipped in water to smear on the red and swollen parts; You can also use your fingers to flick the bite first, and then apply balm; Use saline and toothpaste to smear or infuse the itchy part, which can soften the lump and effectively stop itching.

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