Home made whitening honey facial mask Daquan whitening freckle beautifying new year? Make your own whitening honey facial mask, complete whitening and freckle removing, and celebrate the new year beautifully

Honey has rich nutrition, which can bring the most abundant nourishment to the body and skin. Especially in winter, it can whiten, freckle and nourish the skin. Today’s skincare experts recommend to bring you a complete set of self-made whitening honey facial mask, which can sweep away the skin problems in winter!

Honey facial mask I: milk vitamin E honey facial mask

Production materials: one protein, one spoonful of honey, three spoonfuls of milk powder, one vitamin E oil

Preparation method: mix the milk powder, honey and egg white together, stir them evenly, then apply them to the facial skin, and wash them with warm water 15 minutes later.

Beauty efficacy: both milk and vitamin E have a good moisturizing effect. When combined with honey, the facial mask can better nourish the skin and make it whiter and brighter.

Honey facial mask II: olive oil honey facial mask

Production materials: 50mg olive oil, 20g honey

Production method: first put olive oil into a container, heat it with warm water, then add honey to it, mix it well, and then put in facial mask paper. After it is completely penetrated, apply it to your face, and then remove it 20 minutes later. Wash your face with warm water.

Beauty efficacy: olive oil is rich in vitamin A and beauty acid. With a variety of amino acids from honey, this facial mask has good effects of moisturizing, freckling and wrinkle removing. It has a very significant effect on girls with chloasma.

Honey facial mask III: egg white honey facial mask

Making materials: one egg, one spoonful of honey

Preparation method: first take the egg white of a whole egg, then add honey to stir it evenly, smear it evenly on the face, and wash it with warm water 20 minutes later.

Beauty effect: egg white has the functions of clearing heat, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory. The facial mask made of honey can not only nourish and whiten the skin, but also increase the immune function of the skin. If it is used consistently, the skin will become moist and tender.

Honey facial mask IV: Honey Rose Facial Mask

Materials: 60g honey, 10g rose juice, 30g oatmeal

Preparation method: stir an appropriate amount of honey, rose juice and oatmeal evenly, then directly smear it on the face and massage it properly, and wash it with water after 30 minutes.

Beauty efficacy: roses have extremely high antioxidant effect, strong moisturizing and water locking functions, and can inhibit excessive oil secretion of skin, so as to astringe skin and tighten pores. When combined with honey for skin care, they can play a very good role in inhibiting black spots and making skin tender and shiny.

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