9 symptoms indicate that the body is in a mood

Do you know? Some “minor problems” of the body in daily life may be hints of the budding of the disease. Here are nine symptoms, which may indicate that your body is in “mood”.

1. Lumbago

It may be cystitis or adnexitis. Blood and urine tests should be performed, and cystoscopy should be performed for those with severe symptoms. At this time, drink more water and avoid spicy and spicy food. Anti inflammation and physical therapy, soaking in pumpkin oil or sandalwood oil will have a good effect.

2. Irritability

Cry because of trifles. If this is not in line with your character, you need to check your thyroid gland. The central nervous system is most sensitive to thyroid hormone disorders. The initial symptoms of thyroid hormone disorders are: irritability, irritability, crying, insomnia, good appetite but growing thinner. Most women have menstrual disorders.

3. Often dizzy

Blood pressure should be checked. People of any age may suffer from hypotension, and women usually have such symptoms when they are 35-40 years old. We should adjust our diet in time and choose some beneficial sports, such as swimming and jogging.

4. My eyes are slightly swollen when I get up in the morning

It is likely to be the result of long-term fatigue. If edema occurs frequently, renal metabolic function should be checked.

5. Leg swelling at night

It is a symptom of chronic venous failure. We should eat more raw vegetables, which contain more fibers that can strengthen the vein wall.

6. My hands and feet often cramp

It is likely that calcium and vitamin D are lacking in the body, so you should eat more dairy products, animal livers, seafood, etc.

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