The eight magic weapons of whitening are indispensable

One of the whitening magic weapons: be sure to sunscreen layer by layer

First of all, the most important job of whitening is sunscreen. Many people think that it is essential to wear sunscreen before going out. And before wearing sunscreen, you must use daytime protective cream, so that your skin can be protected from damage layer by layer.

The second white magic weapon: do your moisturizing homework

Remember to add an upper layer of moisture and protection to fresh skin, otherwise it is easy to “squeeze” moisture from the skin when the spring breeze blows. Start hydrating a lot and don’t forget to add a little more oil. When using moisturizing lotion, it should be relatively thick and sticky (because there is a large amount of hyaluronic acid and other high-efficiency moisturizing ingredients inside), and add some oil. Use the lotion with a little oil, because proper oil can lock up moisture.

The third whitening magic weapon: whitening purification and conditioning

This step is actually to care for and regulate the stratum corneum, and remove the old waste and dark horniness on the surface of the skin through whitening and cleansing products;

Clean the skin again with whitening lotion and replenish whitening nutrients. Because of the baking and neglect of maintenance in the whole summer, the old and waste cuticles are piled up layer upon layer, and the skin will appear rough and unsmooth. No matter how expensive and effective the whitening products are, they will be “separated” and not conducive to absorption. So this step is the premise of whitening and nourishing.

Whitening Magic Weapon 4: whitening and nourishing

Essence and whitening cream are the best whitening nutrients for skin. The best time to replenish whitening nutrients is to “clean” the facial skin with whitening cleaning products. The complete nourishing process includes the use of whitening essence, whitening eye cream, whitening lotion and Whitening Night Cream. Essence is generally the most concentrated and effective product in the whole whitening series. The effective ingredients contained in it can directly penetrate the epidermis. If you choose the right whitening essence for yourself, the whitening effect will be very obvious.

The fifth magic weapon of whitening: take one multi vitamin tablet every day

With this, it’s much more convenient. It combines various vitamins and minerals, one tablet a day, and it doesn’t take any trouble. It’s simple, all kinds of nutrients can be supplemented, and it can also promote gastrointestinal motility and defecation. There is no toxin in the body, and the skin will naturally be white.

Whitening magic weapon 6: one bag of milk a day

Milk is a good thing. It contains rich minerals. I insist on having a glass of milk before going to bed every day, which can beautify and help sleep. It is also a good choice to insist on making a facial mask with milk. I generally mix milk + pearl powder + ve to make a facial mask, which is cheap and has good effects.

The seventh magic weapon of whitening: healthy eating leads to healthy whitening

Regardless of the actual effect of whitening, drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E are beneficial and harmless to beauty and health. If you can eat more, you can eat more. As for “photosensitive” vegetables such as celery, coriander and white radish, it is better to eat less with the attitude of “preferring to believe in them” or eat them at night.

Eight whitening magic weapons: sun umbrella, sun hat, big sunglasses… None can be less

In addition to the rainy season, it’s best to be ready for use at any time. If you want to stay white, don’t be afraid of trouble or make people feel “delicate”. Besides the whitening effect, avoiding direct sunlight on your face can also prevent wrinkles formed by blinding and involuntary squinting and prevent cataracts.

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