Cold in winter is the head of all diseases!

Cold in winter is the root of all diseases. How can we prevent cold? Where does cold come from? Listen to the experts.

“Harry Potter is coming!” Unable to hide his excited screams, the 13-year-old boy Harry Potter, who is crazy for adults and children all over the world, finally jumped onto the big screen with his wild hair and bright eyes, leading readers to the magical world.

Despite his strong magic potential, the brave Harry Potter can’t resist the biting cold winter. The skinny Harry Potter not only has stomachache in the middle of the night, but also often walks out of breath, but his hands and feet are extremely cold.

An irresistible cold

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night because your hands and feet are cold and you can’t sleep? Or as long as the air conditioning in the office is slightly stronger, you will feel backache and even stomachache?

In fact, you are not lonely. This problem of cold hands and feet and poor blood circulation is quite common. It is called Raynaud’s syndrome in medicine (fingers will be cold enough to lose blood color). In the United States, it occurs in almost one in every five to ten women, and men are no exception.

Generally speaking, the body has the ability of self-regulation. When exposed to cold air, the body will naturally slow down its metabolism to maintain the heat energy of organs.

Patients with Raynaud’s syndrome, on the other hand, suffer from excessive blood vessel contraction, resulting in poor local blood circulation and even obstruction. Therefore, heat can not be transmitted to the hands and feet, and there will also be a feeling of acupuncture, but as long as it is warm, it will recover immediately. The more serious Raynaud’s syndrome may even cause tissue necrosis due to ischemia, which requires amputation.

Generally, as long as ordinary people make changes in their lives and pay attention to keeping warm, they can improve.

As far as traditional Chinese medicine is concerned, cold is the root cause of all kinds of diseases, and we need to pay attention to it. “Cold is very harmful to the body,” says Dr. Chen Jianlin, director of the Department of gynecology and pediatrics of traditional Chinese medicine at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. When the weather is cold, the body’s functions will decrease, and its resistance will weaken. Diseases are particularly easy to invade. Therefore, as long as the cold snap passes, the emergency room of the hospital is always full of people.

Cold can also cause pain. Cold will accelerate the contraction of nerves and blood vessels, causing spasm of internal organs, such as stomach pain, abdominal pain or physiological pain.

Wind cold also hurts the spleen and stomach, which is easy to cause flatulence and indigestion. In a dream of Red Mansions, the old and young people of Jia family are less active, their daily diet is more refined and greasy, and their physique is weak. They are especially prone to cold in autumn and winter.

Whenever the old ladies of the Jia family shout that they have lost their appetite, the family doctor often suggests with a smile that they do not need to take medicine. As long as they “eat a light diet, warm up a little, or starve for two meals,” their bodies will gradually recover.

Lai rongnian, director of the Department of traditional Chinese medicine of Yangming hospital, laments that modern women have less exercise, lower gastrointestinal function and poor blood circulation.

He further explained that the stomach and intestines are the “spleen” in traditional Chinese medicine, which is responsible for the blood supply throughout the body. If the stomach and intestines are not functioning well and have poor absorption capacity, food nutrients will not be able to be converted into enough blood to provide the body with what it needs, and the peripheral blood circulation will naturally deteriorate.

“There may also be some problems with women’s diseases. For example, the uterus lacks blood supply, and its function is weak. It often has dysmenorrhea and other phenomena,” director Lai rongnian reminds us. At this time, the focus of treatment of cold hands and feet will be placed on strengthening the spleen and stomach function and alleviating the pressure of life.

In particular, due to insufficient blood circulation, arthritis patients can best experience the feeling that “when it’s cold, it hurts,” and they can hardly do anything.

Keeping warm and expelling cold is an important part of health preservation in TCM. Especially in the winter, when Yang Qi is depleted, everything ebbs and flows, which is most suitable for storing life vitality.

Keeping the heat power and warmth, that is, Yang Qi, in winter not only reduces the occurrence of diseases, but also stores enough energy to wait for next spring.

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