Seven misunderstandings: clear black head and rebuild perfect white porcelain nose? Seven misunderstandings: clear black head and rebuild perfect white porcelain nose

Do you know what’s blocking our naked steps? The answer is the hateful blackhead. Blackheads are always stubbornly stationed on the nose, always making people feel bad. Fighting blackheads is definitely a long-term war. How can we completely eliminate blackheads? Now Xiaobian will share with you how to remove blackheads completely.

Let’s first understand what blackheads are

Blackheads are hardened oil blockers, which are mainly composed of sebum, cell debris and bacteria, and are formed by blocking the opening of hair follicles. To remove blackheads means to remove blackheads on the face by means of chemistry, physics, medical treatment and folk prescription, so as to achieve the purpose of beauty.

You should know that blackheads are formed due to too much dirt and grease. Therefore, to thoroughly remove blackheads, deep cleaning and skin care are the most basic and important.

The first type of blackhead – large pore blackhead

The shape of the black head under the skin is actually a drop of water. If you squeeze it, it will spread the pores when it passes through them. Once the pores are opened, it is difficult to heal. If you squeeze regularly, the pores will form habitual inflammation, and the skin surface will grow abnormally and become uneven. As a result, the pores become larger and larger, and the blackheads become larger and larger, resulting in a vicious circle.


1. Grasp the cleaning time: wash your face twice a day when you come home. The first time is when you remove your makeup. You can take a bath after you finish writing your makeup. The heat of bathing makes pores open. At this time, washing your face a second time can better clean blackheads.

2. Make good use of cleaning tools: you can use some cleaning tools to remove the black heads floating out of the pores after the pores are opened

Dry skin: konjac facial scrub. Because the texture is soft, it will not rub the skin excessively, and can also increase the moisture of the skin.

Oily skin: bamboo charcoal facial scrub. Adsorption type cleans blackheads in pores.

The second type of blackhead – small pore blackhead

Some girls have very small pores and even form closed acne. Such small pore acne problems can not be squeezed by hand, otherwise they will evolve into large pore blackheads.


1. Open skin pores: it is also necessary to seize the time when pores open after bathing. If you don’t have a bath, you can also use the face steamer. The face should not be too close to the face steamer, about 15-20cm. If there is no face steamer, you can prepare a basin of hot water. The face is also 15-20cm away from the basin. Cover the head and basin with a large towel to prevent the steam from escaping. It should be noted that the steaming time should not be too long, just 3 minutes.

2. Use the mild blackhead removing facial mask product to clean blackheads: the skin with small pores is usually not as oily as the skin with large pores, so the friction on the skin surface should be minimized. The ingredients in the cleaning facial mask can be used to dissolve and lead out blackheads.

The third type of blackhead – sensitive skin blackhead

Sensitive skin is usually not easy to have acne and blackheads, but if it does, it means that you really haven’t cleaned well at ordinary times. Therefore, for sensitive skin, cleaning is more important than removing blackheads.


1. Clean with mild makeup remover and cleaning products. It can be matched with mild face washing tools such as konjac.

2. Use mild pore shrinking products to narrow pores.

3. Products for sensitive skin repair sensitive problems.

If you can’t go to blackheads anyway, then you may have fallen into the wrong area of blackheads.

Myth 1: use nose patch to tear off blackheads

When I first used the nose patch, I saw that the torn nose patch was covered with black heads, and I felt inexplicably comfortable. But once you get into the habit of using nasal patches, blackhead acne will haunt you like a nightmare. However, it is still OK to use it occasionally. Remember to do a good job in closing pores. It is recommended to use strong shrinking water.

Myth 2: blackhead extraction solution + acne needle, pick out blackheads

The blackhead export liquid will make the blackhead float out, and then the blackhead can be removed by scraping with a acne needle. This method can only deal with just formed blackheads. If it is a stubborn blackhead, you have to adjust the skin to squeeze it out. Not to mention us, even the so-called beauticians in beauty salons may not be able to do this technical work well. Don’t think that the more painful this acne needle scrapes on your face, the cleaner it is. It’s not normal to feel pain, but your skin is suffering.

Myth 3: do a thorough cleaning, and blackheads will not appear again

Blackheads are oil hardening blockers. The reason for their appearance is that the oil in the skin is not discharged in time, and the oil hardens and blocks the pores over a long period of time. The nose is the most oily part. If it is not cleaned in time, the grease is mixed with a large number of dead skin cells, forming small black spots. Although incomplete cleaning will lead to serious grease accumulation, it is actually necessary to combine cleaning and oil control, which is the key to removing blackheads.

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