Six weekend bad habits should be thrown away

The busy working day of the week is finally over, and it’s time to “indulge” on the weekend! Don’t “indulge” too much. Staying up late, sleeping and eating will make the weekend a mess. The following six weekend bad habits should be changed!

six weekends of “bad habits” should be thrown away

1. Stay at home

Health is inseparable from sunshine. It is very necessary for people to go outdoors every day. It is suggested that even if you don’t plan to go out on the weekend, you’d better go downstairs for a slow walk for half an hour at around 10 a.m. to get some sunshine, and “clean” your lungs with fresh air. Proper exercise can also burn fat and slim down.

2. Stay up late

Go to work five days, go to bed early and get up early, forming a fixed biological clock. On weekends, there is no need to worry about getting up early the next day, so many people stay up late to play online games and even stay up all night in the principle of “no waste”. But staying up late not only reduces the resistance and allows the virus to enter, but also makes people slow to react, dizzy and headache the next day, and spend the weekend in a muddle. In addition, staying up late repeatedly will disturb the normal secretion and nervous system of the human body, leading to dry, dark, acne and other problems. Therefore, the weekend fun should be enough, and it is best to end before 22:00. If you sleep late, you should eat some fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs and other protein foods the next day.

3. Thinking about work

“Workaholics” often think about their work when they have a rest. They not only can’t have a good time, but also don’t do much work. In fact, for white-collar workers, the weekend is the best time for physical rest and psychological adjustment, and full relaxation will help them to put into work in the best state next week. If you are still addicted to work at the weekend, your physical fatigue will not be relieved, which will not only lead to a decrease in efficiency, but also lead to psychological frustration. It is suggested to treat the weekend with “zero burden”, so that the body and spirit can be completely liberated from work and enjoy the weekend.

4. Crazy sleep during the day

Almost everyone wants to sleep in on weekends, which seems to give the body a rest, but in fact, sleeping too long is harmful to the body. Like staying up late, sleeping too long will disturb the body’s biological clock, cause endocrine abnormalities, and affect the quality of night sleep. If you miss breakfast because of sleeping in late, it will also affect the gastrointestinal function and muscle excitability, and you will feel weak after getting up. Even on weekends, you should get up at about 7:00, defecate and urinate, and eat breakfast on time.

5. Irregular diet

Friends often overeat at parties on weekends, or simply stay at home and eat only one meal a day. These bad habits will seriously affect the happy weekend. Because after overeating, dizziness, gastrointestinal discomfort, chest tightness, shortness of breath, diarrhea or constipation will occur, and acute gastroenteritis or gastric bleeding will also be caused in serious cases; Big fish and big meat, heavy drinking will make the liver and gallbladder operate overload, lead to liver function damage, and even induce cholecystitis or acute pancreatitis. It is recommended to have regular meals on weekends. Breakfast must not be saved and dinner must be full.

6. Sit and watch TV for a long time

When watching TV, the body moves less, and the head maintains a posture for a long time, which makes the neck muscles tired and stiff, and induces cervical problems over time; When focusing on TV and computer, the number of blinks will be reduced and the secretion of tears will be reduced. At the same time, the eyeball will be exposed to the air for a long time, which will make the water evaporate too quickly, resulting in dry and tired eyes and serious corneal damage; The color light of the screen will also stimulate the eyes, causing dry eyes, double shadows, blurred vision and even headache. Therefore, watch TV on weekends, don’t spend too much time, get up every 30 minutes, don’t let the light in the room be too dark or too bright, and consciously blink more when watching.

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