Is there a magic trick for freckle and wrinkle removal in traditional Chinese medicine? There are ways to remove freckles and wrinkles in traditional Chinese medicine

There are many ways to treat wrinkles, such as oral Chinese medicine, external Chinese medicine, diet therapy, massage, acupuncture and other methods.

Traditional Chinese medicine therapy

You can choose quelao Yangrong pill and Huangjing cream. But the old Yangrong pill is made of Chinese medicine Huangjing, raw rehmannia, white honey and so on until it is sticky, and the pill is as big as a marble. Take it with warm wine, three times a day. This prescription can tonify the spleen and kidney, prolong life, and is suitable for people with deficiency of both the spleen and kidney. Huangjing cream is made of Chinese medicine Huangjing, angelica, yellow rice wine, honey and so on until it is sticky. Cool bottling. Take 1-2 tablespoons of boiled water twice a day. This prescription replenishes Qi and blood, circulates blood, anti-aging, prolongs life, and keeps the appearance fresh. It is suitable for people with deficiency of both qi and blood and blood stasis symptoms.

External use of traditional Chinese Medicine

Can choose but old wrinkle removing facial cream and almond cream for external use. The quelao wrinkle removing facial cream is chopped up with Chinese herbal medicines qingmuxiang, baifuzi, chuanxiong, baiwax, linglingxiang, xiangfuzi, Angelica dahurica, Poria cocos, Gansong, sheep pith and so on. It is soaked in water and wine overnight, then fried until the water and wine are exhausted. The paste is made and the residue is removed. Usage: apply to the face after washing every night. This cream can remove wrinkles, but it is not suitable for oily skin. Almond paste: use a proper amount of almonds and mix them with the chicken white. Wash your face at night and apply it. Wash it with warm water or rice swill the next morning. This cream can tighten, moisturize and wrinkle the skin.

Diet therapy

You can choose medicinal meat porridge or Yangchun wine. Mutton, Angelica sinensis, white peony, cooked land, Astragalus membranaceus, ginger, japonica rice, etc. are used for the medicinal meat porridge. First, the medicine and mutton are simmered, and the meat and drug residues are removed. Then, the rice is used to cook the porridge. When cooked, it is seasoned and eaten on an empty stomach. This porridge can replenish qi and blood, replenish deficiency, damage and win thin. It is suitable for those who are weak and thin, and have premature aging and wrinkled faces. Yangchun wine is made of Chinese herbs ginseng, Atractylodes macrocephala, radix rehmanniae, Angelica sinensis, asparagus, Chinese wolfberry, cypress kernel, Polygala tenuifolia, etc., which are put into gauze bags and immersed in the wine. Drink 1 cup in the morning, 1 cup in the afternoon and 1 cup in the evening. This wine can replenish the five internal organs, blood and body fluid. It can prevent illness and prolong life. It has a beautiful color and moisturizes the skin.

Massage therapy

In addition to facial meridians and acupoints massage, the acupoints around wrinkles are mainly massaged. At the same time, use your thumb and middle finger to press Tianrong and Tianyu points, and your index finger, middle finger and ring finger to press or rub Renying, Fulu and skylight points at the same time. Then cooperate with lower body massage: take the stomach meridian of Foot Yangming from top to bottom for 3-5 times, knock it for 3-5 times, rub the three yin meridian of foot from bottom to top for 3-5 times, and knock it for 3-5 times. Click Zusanli and Sanyinjiao for 30 seconds each.

Acupuncture therapy

Remove forehead lines and select Touwei, yangbai, toulinqi, Yintang and Ashi points as the main points; To remove the crow’s feet, sun, silk and bamboo hollow, jiaosun and Ashi acupoints are selected as the main acupoints; Yingxiang, Sibai, Xiaguan and Ashi acupoints are selected as the main acupoints for removing nasolabial lines; To remove the neck lines, select Fengchi, Yifeng, futu and Ashi as the main points. With Zhongwan, Zusanli, Quchi and Hegu. Methods: the main points were treated with purgation, and the matching points were treated with tonic method. Ashi point was the local wrinkle, and the needle was inserted along the wrinkle direction. The needle body was between the subcutaneous fat and muscle layer by flat needling. Choose 32 needle or beauty needle, gently stimulate, keep the needle for 30-60 minutes, and add moxibustion, once every other day, 20 times for a course of treatment.

A folk prescription for freckle dilution – meridian massage

Specific operation steps:

Massage the inside of the leg from top to bottom, repeat 5 times; Press the concave part on the inside of both knees with your thumb 5 times every 3 seconds; Do linear massage from top to bottom between the left and right shoulder blades, and then do local massage from the middle to the outside, repeat 10 times; Massage the abdomen of the index finger, middle finger and ring finger, starting from the chin along the face, in the order of the chin, the corner of the mouth, the side of the nose, the black eye, the forehead and the side of the face, and repeat for 5 times.


1. This freckle removing method is simple to operate and does not need any freckle removing products.

2. Because each human body has different qualities, its freckle removing effect varies from person to person, but as long as you persist, although it can not completely remove freckles, it is also very good for the skin.

Folk prescription II for freckle dilution acupuncture treatment

The main acupuncture points are Sanyinjiao, Zusanli and Quchi. Matching points include Ganshu, Shenshu, Geshu, Xinshu Xuehai, Dazhui, Mingmen, Pishu, etc. After the Qi is obtained, the method of calming, supplementing and calming and purging is applied.


This method of freckling removal requires high manipulation, and you may not be able to operate it accurately, so it is recommended to find a professional Chinese medicine to do it.

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