14 habits to keep you young

aerobic exercise – nose protection

When women are menstruating, they should stay away from heavily polluted places, or from excessively cold and overheated environments. They can do aerobic exercise for more than one hour at least three times a week, or they can spray medical sprays for cleaning.

appropriate weight loss — protecting the heart

Moderate weight loss, eat less egg yolks, only eat two at most a week, moderate alcohol consumption, and drink a can of 355 ml beer or a glass of 250 ml wine every week.

less hair dyeing – protecting hair

Don’t dye your hair more than twice a year; Skin test must be done before hair dyeing; Do not use hair dye that has been left for more than half a year; If you pursue fashion, you’d better choose local bleaching and dyeing; Women who have wounds on their scalp, are about to become pregnant or have become pregnant due to chronic diseases should not dye their hair.

do not wear contact lenses – protect your eyes

Eat more wheat, milk, lean meat and vegetables, because they contain rich B-group elements. In addition, do not wear contact lenses, which is easy to cause corneal edema due to hypoxia.

promoting digestion protecting intestines

Eating 500g of vegetables and fruits every day can reduce the incidence of digestive tract cancer to about 25%.

walk frequently – leg guards

Sit for 40 minutes, get up and walk, and do some leg exercises.

do a good job in sunscreen – protect your skin

The best way to prevent ultraviolet rays is sunscreen. It is OK to choose sph15 or above. It is better not to choose pearlescent lipstick because they contain more harmful metals.

wearing facial Bra – breast protection

Try not to do abortion if you can. Bras should be made of cotton. Although excessive lace makes you more sexy, it may also hinder your breast secretion. Eat more corn, pumpkin and radish.

quit smoking – protect lung, bladder and kidney

If you can quit smoking, you’d better not smoke and drink 6-8 glasses of water every day. Urinate every two or three hours and wear cotton underwear, otherwise it will hinder the flow of air and breed bacteria.

Office posture – arm guards and wrists

Instead of e-mail, when using the computer, the keyboard should be facing yourself. Don’t bend and tighten the other wrist too much. Keep the forearm, wrist and hand in the same straight line and height as far as possible. Stop to move the wrist every half an hour.

health examination – reproductive protection system

Women should have regular physical examinations of the reproductive system at the age of 25. In daily life, if they find abnormal secretions on their underwear, such as leucorrhea or abnormal local itching and pain, they should be diagnosed and treated in time. At the same time, women should do a good job in family planning to avoid multiple induced abortions.

don’t indulge in alcohol – protect the liver

Don’t indulge in drinking and eat more mushrooms.

climb stairs moderately – protect your knees

Wear less high-heeled shoes, climb stairs appropriately, and pay attention to landing on the soles of your feet when you go downstairs. Swimming and rope skipping are recognized as relatively safe sports.

control the height of high heels – foot protection

The heel height of high-heeled shoes should not exceed 2 inches. At the same time, any pair of shoes should be guaranteed to have a certain cushioning capacity.

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