Six habits that hurt your brain

As the saying goes, “if you want to live a long life, you should first nurture your brain, and then nurture your brain for a hundred years.” human health should first be brain health. The brain is the place of thinking and the center of controlling the body. People’s thoughts, beliefs, memories, behaviors and emotions are inseparable from the brain. The fourth neuroscience conference of the international brain research organization called the 21st century the “century of the brain”.

However, at present, many people still do not pay enough attention to brain health. According to statistics, the number of patients with brain diseases in China is increasing year by year, and now it has reached more than 4 million. Professor Yu Chunjiang, a famous neurosurgeon in China and a member of the neuro oncology Expert Committee of the Chinese Medical Association, once pointed out that the main causes of encephalopathy are unhealthy lifestyles, such as smoking, drinking, unreasonable diet, emotional tension, stress, sleep disorders, and lack of exercise. It is these bad lifestyles that are ignored by people that make the brain “overwhelmed”. Here are 6 kinds to see how much you meet.

1、 Smoking is like life. Nicotine in cigarettes can cause cerebral vasospasm, contraction, hardening and weakening of elasticity. Because of his habit of smoking, the brain has been suffering from insufficient blood supply, brain cell malnutrition, brain function decline, such as poor memory, insomnia, early aging, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

2、 Excessive drinking not only damages the liver but also the brain. Alcohol easily enters brain cells through the blood-brain barrier. A small amount of alcohol can excite the brain, while long-term heavy drinking can inhibit the function of brain cells and poison them. At this time, people become unresponsive and even have mental disorders. Alcoholics are prone to cerebrovascular accidents, and the incidence is much higher than that of ordinary people.

3、 Although the brain with long-lasting fatigue has great potential, it also has a certain limit and cannot be consumed endlessly. People who engage in fatigue warfare for a long time and do not rest at night can easily lead to brain fatigue, functional decline, insomnia, dreams, blood pressure fluctuations, and even sudden death.

4、 It is easy to cause premature aging of the brain to eat and drink all day long. Rich fish life will significantly increase the fiber growth factor in the brain. It can cause the proliferation of capillary endothelial cells in the brain, the retention of vasosclerotic substances in the blood, the reduction of cerebral blood supply, and the acceleration of brain cell aging.

5、 Some old people who do not like to use their brains do not want to use their brains. They call it “cultivating energy and saving energy”. In fact, if you let your brain sleep, don’t read and report, and don’t think, you will end up with accelerated decline of intelligence, premature memory aging, slow reaction, and ineffective action, which will eventually lead to depression and Alzheimer’s disease. The brain of the elderly should also be used, thought and moved more, and it should not be shelved.

6、 Severe partial eating has many functions, complex structures and a long way to go. It needs a lot of nutrients to provide enough energy and ensure its normal function. Therefore, rich nutrition, multiple elements and a large number of sugars are extremely important to maintain the vitality of the brain. Lipids are helpful for the brain to develop its intelligence, proteins can improve its memory function, and minerals can regulate the physiological functions of brain cells. Therefore, for the normal operation of brain function, we should eat miscellaneous food.

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